First International Covid Summit – Experts Discuss Treatment Protocols & More


The First International Covid Summit – a group of international doctors and researchers convening to discuss treatment protocols for Covid and Covid research generally – is currently being held in Rome, Italy. The summit runs from Sunday 12 September through Tuesday. Today’s session will include a number of U.S. doctors and researchers who have been working with other doctors and researchers to find treatments against Covid and many are having a great deal of success in treating Covid patients. They have been censored repeatedly for their efforts. Their hope is that coming together in an international forum will afford them the time and space to share their medical experience with other health professionals and the general public. The live feed for the summit can be found here and here. For U.S. viewers, Rome is six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.

Among the U.S. doctors speaking are Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Stephen Hatfill, Dr. Peter McCullough, and Dr. Pierre Kory.

All of them are experts in their fields and bring a great deal of experience to this endeavor. Again, their voices are silenced by mainstream news in order to continue to promote a narrative that Covid is untreatable and to support the CDC and NIH narrative that the only way to address the Covid pandemic is through vaccination. These doctors and researchers will share information and research being conducted on how best to treat and prevent mortality from the SARS CoV2 virus.

Editor’s Note: There appears to have been interference with the live feed links above. We hope to have links to the individual speeches available in the next few days and will update this article with those links.