Iranians To Get Uranium For Their Nuclear Weapons Courtesy Of Biden Administration


In Washington Joe Biden and company want you to move on from the Afghan debacle. ‘Nothing but a bump in the road. The endless wars are behind us. Smooth sailing ahead.’

Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth. Ending our obsession with ruinous nation-building is a positive thing. Surrendering a strategic area to our greatest enemies and allowing ourselves to be humiliated before the world is something else again. We have not ended anything. We have guaranteed much greater problems in our future.

AND Magazine has learned from its sources in Afghanistan that only days ago an Iranian delegation arrived at Kabul airport. It was composed of Iranian geology and mining experts. These individuals along, with similar experts from Pakistan and China, then left Kabul to inspect uranium mines in Afghanistan. 

The group will visit Logar, Badakhshan, and Helmand provinces. The goal of the trip is to determine which locations can most easily be exploited to produce uranium. The focus will be on determining which sites allow most easily for the creation of the necessary infrastructure to allow for the extraction of uranium on a large scale

The Iranians are moving to exploit the chance to access Afghan uranium deposits on an accelerated timeline, because of concern that the Taliban regime may ultimately prove unstable. 

Separately, Iran admitted earlier this week that it had removed several surveillance cameras installed by U.N. nuclear inspectors at a centrifuge assembly site. This suggests that Iran intends to proceed with the building of additional centrifuges for the enrichment of uranium and does not want the world to be able to monitor that activity.

This comes, of course, against the broader backdrop of the status of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. 

A recent report by an American think tank indicated that Iran could have enough weapons-grade uranium for an atomic bomb within a month. Iran has already expressly abandoned all of the limitations supposedly put in place pursuant to the ruinous Iran nuclear deal. Iran already has 200 grams of the enriched uranium and could produce enough of it for a second weapon in three months and for a third in five months, according to the report. 

This most recent prediction is in line with previous estimates by a number of different authorities on the subject. Individuals wishing to minimize the significance of this development continue to claim that the Iranians will still have to spend considerable time working out the engineering and delivery challenges associated with developing a nuclear weapons arsenal. Such claims ignore the mountain of evidence suggesting that Iran largely solved these problems first before moving ahead with enrichment. 

Iran already has a number of missiles that can almost certainly carry nuclear weapons. Its Shahab-3 and a range of variants have maximum ranges of up to 2500 kilometers carrying a warhead of up to 1200 kilograms. Previous reporting has suggested that the design of the payload capsule for the Shahab was specifically done to account for the dimensions of a known Chinese nuclear weapons design. Iran also, of course, has numerous drones and cruise missiles.

Reporting in the past has also shown that the Iranians have been working for many years on solving the many engineering problems associated with building an atomic bomb. They have been shown to be acquiring from abroad the components for wiring harnesses. They have built explosives testing chambers and worked on mastering the machining of uranium metal.

In short, it seems very naïve to think the Iranians have sat quietly doing nothing to master the building of a bomb until they were in possession of sufficient highly enriched uranium. All indications are that when they have sufficient material, they will be able to put it into a device and mount that device on a delivery vehicle almost overnight.

We will wake up one day and discover that we now live in a world where the Iranians can wipe Tel Aviv, Riyadh, or New Delhi off the map anytime they want. 

This is just another one of the seemingly endless ripple effects eight months of Joe Biden has created. Single-handedly this man and his band of incompetents are shifting the balance of power on the planet against us and in favor of our enemies.


Joe Biden’s “Manchurian Administration”