The Wrong Man Is In The Brig – Put Biden On Trial


U.S. Marine Lieutenant-Colonel Stuart Scheller is in the brig – a military jail at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. More specifically, Scheller is in pre-trial confinement. That means he is being held behind bars pending a military court-martial.

Scheller was up until recently a Marine battalion commander. He was relieved of his command following a series of public statements he made chastising military leadership for the manifest incompetence shown during the Afghan withdrawal that led directly to the deaths of 13 Marines. After his relief Scheller announced he would resign from the service and continued to speak out – in apparent violation of direct orders to stop discussing his concerns publicly.

In one video, posted on September 16th, Scheller stated his intention to charge Marine Gen. Kenneth McKenzie Jr., head of U.S. Central Command, with dereliction of duty. In the video, Scheller said he was continuing to speak out even though it could jeopardize a deal the Marine Corps had offered him, under which he would accept nonjudicial punishment, resign his commission, forfeit his military pension, and accept a general discharge under honorable conditions rather than face a court-martial.

“I have read the entire UCMJ [Uniform Code of Military Justice] in the last two weeks of my purgatory – all of the punitive articles – and it turns out that all military officers are subject to the UCMJ,” Scheller said in the video. “Because it appears to me that no general officers are willing to hold each other accountable, I am submitting charges against Gen. McKenzie for his bad assumptions – not because I’m vindictive, but because the senior leaders need to be held accountable to the same standard as us.”

I was for a number of years a military JAG officer, most of that time a defense counsel charged with defending soldiers before Army courts-martial. To say that Scheller faces an uphill battle would be a massive understatement. A serving officer speaking publicly in his official capacity against his superior officers and the national command structure is in a world of hurt. The list of offenses with which he will likely be charged, including conduct unbecoming, conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline, the violation of multiple direct orders, etc. is virtually endless.

Any conventional defense is doomed to failure. Yet, this is not a conventional case, and it is not fundamentally about the actions of one Marine LTC. It is about the actions of an administration, which are unprecedented in our history. It is about treason, not on the part of LTC Scheller, but on the part of Joe Biden and those who have abetted him.

Let’s review just a few key facts to establish the context in which Scheller has acted. Joe Biden, the man who claims to be the legitimate President of the United States has:

– For decades taken literally billions of dollars from foreign powers in exchange for exercising influence on their behalf. This corruption, in which his son Hunter played an integral part is on graphic display on the hard drive from Hunter Biden’s laptop. That laptop has now grudgingly been acknowledged as legitimate by even the same liberal media outlets that worked so hard to cover it up last year.

– Chief amongst the foreign powers paying the Biden crime family has been Communist China. On one infamous 2013 trip to Beijing alone, while Joe was meeting with Chinese officials, his bagman Hunter was taking possession of what would ultimately turn out to be $1.5 billion from the State Bank of China.

– As Joe’s connections to Communist China strengthened so did his attitudes toward that totalitarian regime change. He avoided criticism of Beijing. He soft-pedaled the Chinese Communists’ many human rights abuses. He delivered again for China as our supposed “point man” on checking Chinese expansionism during the Obama administration. Joe took $1.5 billion in Chinese money. Beijing took the South China Sea.

– In May 2013, Joe gave Beijing perhaps its biggest victory. He helped engineer a “memorandum of understanding” with the PRC that exempted Chinese corporations from U.S. securities statutes and regulations. This gave CCP-controlled firms an advantage over American firms listed on U.S. stock exchanges by exempting them from independent audits. Put simply, it allowed CCP corporations to cheat unsuspecting U.S. investors out of their money by cooking their books.

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, was crystal clear many months ago in his analysis of the situation “What Hunter Biden is is a bagman,” says Giuliani. “I’ve prosecuted many cases like this. He’s collecting Joe’s bribes that come to about $12 million from the Ukraine and $3.5 million from Russia. But the really big money comes from China. And the amount of money involved is literally in the tens of millions of dollars.” Giuliani summed it up during the campaign this way. “[Joe Biden]’s asking to be president of the U.S. and he’s in partnership with the Chinese Communist Party. The Biden Family is owned by the Chinese Communist Party.”

All of this set the stage for what transpired during the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Biden did not just demonstrate colossal incompetence. He acted deliberately against the interests of the United States and in favor not just of an Islamic terrorist group but in the interests of Communist China.

The U.S. military told Biden that any attempt at handling withdrawal via Kabul International Airport was “militarily non-viable.” The 18th Airborne Corps out of Fort Bragg proposed what any sane military man would have proposed. Retake Bagram airbase. Flow in troops. Base air assets at Bagram. Put ourselves in a position to control the situation and secure the safe extraction of all U.S. persons from Afghanistan.

Biden arbitrarily rejected that recommendation. He arbitrarily limited the number of troops on the ground. His decisions led directly to unnecessary loss of life and the abandonment of still unknown numbers of American citizens to Taliban control.

Along the way Biden directed our military and our intelligence personnel to cooperate with the murderous Taliban and, more specifically, to cooperate with members of the Haqqani network who are designated international terrorists and have bounties on their heads.

Throughout all of this, the senior “leaders” of our military posed no serious opposition. No one spoke up. No one tendered their resignation. Even as an American President acted repeatedly and deliberately to alter the strategic balance of power in favor of our enemies, not one of the men with all the stars on their uniforms could find the moral courage to do the right thing.

Afghanistan is under Taliban control. We have created a terrorist super state. Communist China is already in bed with the Taliban and has personnel on the ground sizing up the vast mineral deposits in Afghanistan, including lithium, which under Chinese control will literally change the balance of power on the planet. Bagram airbase will soon be handed over to the Chinese. The Iranians are taking possession of samples of our most sophisticated military equipment with the goal of reverse engineering it and using it against us.

We have been betrayed at the very highest level by the man in the Oval Office and the senior officers whose job it is to keep America safe. And, yet the only man in custody, the only man who faces any repercussions for any of this is the one man with the courage to speak truth to power.

Every single article of the Uniform Code of Military Justice is predicated on the principle of the legitimate exercise of power. Disobeying an unlawful order is not an offense. Acting against the authority of an officer who is himself acting illegally is not punishable. In fact, it is the duty of every serving officer to ensure that unlawful orders are not followed, that authority is not abused, and that the Constitution of the United States is protected.

If LTC Scheller expects to have any hope of defeating the charges that will be proffered against him he has only one viable course of action, put the “President” and his administration on trial. Challenge them to defend themselves against the charge of treason. Make the jury understand. The wrong man is on trial. The wrong man is in the brig.