Is New York State Committing Suicide?


We are used to the idea that individuals can and do commit suicide. We now know that entire states can do the same thing.

New York state has set itself on a course of self-destruction. Ignoring all of the science, which shows that COVID vaccines are both dangerous and ineffective, New York has imposed a whole range of vaccine mandates, which are currently tearing the state apart.

In New York City you can’t eat indoors, go to the gym or attend a concert without being vaccinated. Large numbers of New Yorkers including in excess of 70% of the city’s black population have refused the jab. That means the businesses impacted by the vaccine mandate are being destroyed.

Business at many New York City restaurants is down 60%. Some are limping by relying on serving customers outside. Impending cold weather will put a stop to that shortly, and many businesses will simply fail.

Restauranteur Stratis Morfogen, a managing partner at Brooklyn Chop House, thinks that the government may be forced to offer bailouts to help the restaurant industry again. “Business is down probably 50 percent because people are not comfortable with being forced to take a vaccine,” Morfogen told The Epoch Times.

“All of a sudden, we dropped 40 percent from week to week, since the mandate started. “The politicians don’t understand that there is no one size fits all with medicine. And you can’t tell a person who has just finished chemotherapy, that they have to take a vaccine to have a dinner, when their doctor says they can’t.”

In response to the vaccine mandate, more than 200 business owners in New York City have filed a class action against Mayor Bill de Blasio. The group contends that the imposition of “vaccine” mandates is unconstitutional.

“We’ve been fighting with the governor and the mayor from the beginning, trying to get us open, get people to be allowed back in here,” stated Alison Marchese, co-owner of Max’s Es-Ca Italian Restaurant. “I don’t know any restaurant owner who’s been sleeping at night.”

“This last mandate is, again, over the top for us,” she added. “We definitely don’t see how we can be responsible for checking people’s IDs and vaccination cards. We don’t want to be separating our customers telling people they can’t come in.”

Meanwhile, a group of teachers has filed an emergency request with the Supreme Court asking it to block New York City’s equally mad vaccine mandate for schools. The mandate forces teachers and other school workers to get a COVID-19 vaccine to remain employed unless they are approved for a religious or medical exemption. Thousands of teachers remain unvaccinated and will lose their jobs if the rule remains in effect. Without those teachers, New York City cannot educate its students and may be forced to close its schools.

Across New York state another vaccine mandate, this one for hospital workers, is threatening the health and safety of New York residents. Beginning Monday, New York state hospitals and nursing homes began firing all unvaccinated staff. Estimates are that ultimately as many as 83,000 people may lose their jobs.

In response to the obvious concerns about already short-staffed hospitals firing crucial personnel, New York Governor Kathy Hochul babbled recently about making up the shortage by using National Guard personnel or hiring foreign workers. How the New York National Guard, which contains a grand total of 16,000 personnel of all categories could replace 83,000 workers remained unclear. Also unstated was what legal provision would allow a state governor to simply bypass immigration laws and directly import foreign workers to take jobs from Americans.

Many New York hospitals claim in excess of 90% of their healthcare workers have complied with the vaccine mandate, but some facilities like Interfaith, Brookdale and Wyckoff hospitals in Brooklyn admit to vaccination rates closer to 70%.

The impact of mass firings is already being felt. Elective surgeries are being postponed. Operating rooms are being closed. New patients are not being admitted. This is not only going to impact people’s health. It is going to have a massive financial impact. Losing elective surgeries means also losing all of the money those procedures produce, money that supports other aspects of the hospitals’ operations.

Tom Quatroche, the Erie County Medical Center Corporation’s president had this to say about the vaccine mandate recently. “… the reality is it is creating a public health crisis in hospitals, with nobody to care for patients.”

We are told repeatedly by the so-called experts that they are driven by science, facts, and rationality. Clearly, this is not true. The existing vaccines, at best, are completely ineffective against the new strains of the virus. This is why Israel – the most vaccinated nation on the planet – has seen a surge in new cases. Even the World Health Organization’s European director has admitted that the vaccines will not end the pandemic.

And, yet, in the interest of forcing these drugs on the people of New York, the state’s leaders have adopted policies that are crushing small businesses, destroying the educational system, and now threatening the lives of the state’s citizens. New York has gone mad. New York is committing suicide before our very eyes.