Show Us The Transcript Joe – What Did You And Xi Talk About For Two Hours?


Shortly after taking office, Joe Biden had a phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping. According to Biden, the call lasted two hours, an amazingly long time for any courtesy call and particularly so for a man who limits his interactions to short, scripted affairs. No transcript of the call has ever been released. The White House announcement that the call took place is a single, generic paragraph devoid of detail.

Maybe it’s time we saw that transcript.

Biden has been in office less than nine months. In that time, he has taken a series of actions damaging in the extreme to American national security. These actions have been demonstrably to the benefit of Communist China. The press – to the extent it discusses these matters at all – prefers to attribute them to incompetence.

There is another explanation. We may have a man in the White House who is working for Communist China.

Biden, his son Hunter and other members of their family ran an international influence-peddling business for many years before Joe came to the White House. The press may not want to admit that, but the evidence of this enterprise is overwhelming. I challenge anyone to examine the contents of Hunter Biden’s hard drive and make a serious argument to the contrary.

Joe and Hunter and their associates took vast quantities of money from foreign powers. Nobody gave them more cash than Communist China.

Before he ever sat down in the White House Joe had demonstrated that he would never stand up to Beijing. When the CCP pushed, Joe backed down. Beijing’s seizure of the entire South China Sea, one of the world’s most strategic waterways, is the most graphic example. Joe and Hunter took $1.5 billion from Beijing. The Chinese took a large portion of the Pacific Ocean.

Since taking office, Joe has taken a whole series of strategic decisions, which have been clearly to the detriment of the United States and clearly to the benefit of the Communist Chinese.

Joe began by taking a series of steps designed to negatively impact American oil and natural gas production, increase fossil fuel prices and leave us once again dependent on foreign energy sources. He then announced arbitrary federal measures to force Americans to move rapidly to the use of electric automobiles.

Electric automobiles are dependent on batteries. With current technology that means lithium-ion batteries. Moving America to electric vehicles means making it dependent on a massive supply of lithium to produce these batteries. The United States produces virtually no lithium. It must all be imported.

The deposits of lithium being mined now are mostly in South America. They are already under Chinese control. The world’s biggest lithium deposits are believed to be in Afghanistan. Thanks to Joe these deposits are now being handed over to the Chinese, who are already on the ground in Afghanistan evaluating how to most efficiently exploit this new bonanza.

Almost unnoticed, what Joe has done is to take a series of steps with the cumulative impact of making our economy dependent on supplies of a substance now wholly under the control of our chief global rival. Even OPEC at its height never enjoyed such a stranglehold.

Joe’s disastrous handling of the Afghan withdrawal has been even more beneficial to China. Yesterday Chinese planes landed at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan and China began the process of taking possession of that base.

Bagram is not just an airfield. It is a massive base built at great expense over the course of many years by the United States. It was the largest U.S. military base in Afghanistan. It has dual runways that can handle the largest military aircraft in the world. There are hangers, a control tower, numerous support buildings, and in excess of 100 revetments for the concealment and protection of aircraft.

From Bagram, the Chinese can project air power for thousands of miles in every direction. Its occupation by Chinese forces means the entire balance of power in Central Asia and the Sub-Continent just shifted. When you add in the impact of Chinese base agreements with Iran you understand that the Middle East also now is falling into the Chinese orbit. We have for years talked about how the Chinese were somehow “contained” by a ring of American bases.

Not anymore.

China is aggressively exploiting the openings provided by Joe. It recently ordered all vessels transiting the South China Sea to comply with its new maritime rules. According to Beijing, all foreign vessels, both military and commercial, will be henceforth required to submit to Chinese supervision in “Chinese territorial waters.” One-third of all the world’s shipping transits the South China Sea in which Beijing has constructed a series of heavily militarized artificial islands.

China has been for months testing the territorial integrity of Taiwan with aerial incursions. Over the last few days, it has dramatically increased the scope of its efforts. According to Taipei, a total of 39 Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defense zone on Saturday. The day before the number was 38.

China is also showing ominous signs of preparing for a physical invasion of Taiwan. It has created a legal framework to allow the Chinese government to take control of commercial shipping, and it has begun to modify commercial vessels for possible future military use. Roughly one thousand large vessels belonging to the China COSCO Shipping Corporation are now available to the CCP for use in an invasion. Some have been fitted with removable helicopter decks. Others have had heavy ramps installed to allow for the loading and unloading of military vehicles.

Meanwhile, as the Chinese threat expands exponentially abroad, here at home Joe is busy dismantling Trump era efforts to reign in Chinese espionage. Charges against Chinese spies have been dropped. The DOJ’s China Initiative, designed to shut down the widespread theft of our defense secrets by China, is being dismantled. Chinese intelligence will once again be allowed to loot our universities and research labs and continue to chip away at our one remaining strategic advantage – our technological dominance.

We have a man in the White House who is acting, apparently deliberately, to the detriment of the United States and to the benefit of a hostile Communist regime. He is deeply compromised and has taken in the past vast sums of money from Beijing. We must at least consider the very real possibility that what we are witnessing is not gross incompetence but deliberate malfeasance.

Eight months ago, this man, an apparent Manchurian President had a two-hour phone call with the President of China. We have essentially no information regarding the nature of that call. In light of what has transpired, it seems that now, more than ever, we need to know.

Show us the transcript, Joe.