Government And Big Tech Conspire To Shut Down Free Speech And Silence Anyone Who Disagrees With The Biden Agenda


Sometimes the silencing is not just censorship, but now knocks on the door by the government, asking Google to identify individuals who search topics that don’t fit with the government’s narrative – it’s getting scarier and more threatening to be everyday citizens by the day.

AND Magazine has spent a lot of time trying to bring our readers truthful analysis and commentary with regard to current events – politics, national security, national intelligence and foreign policy. Three recent articles identify the myriad of techniques, legal authorities and agencies, as well as individuals in the current Biden administration that should be deeply concerning to all Americans who value free speech, liberty, freedom of association and all of our rights under our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. Here are key excerpts from those recent articles.

Google’s Moonshot Technology Determines What Is Acceptable And What You Can Access Online – It Doesn’t Just Remove Content – It Feeds You Google’s And The Government’s Approved Narratives

A number of press outlets have reported recently that the Pentagon is working with a private contractor to monitor the internet searches of Department of Defense personnel.  Certain searches are apparently now considered signs of domestic violent extremism.  Surprisingly – even seemingly innocuous searches such as “the truth about black lives matter” can now be considered indicators of white supremacism and result in your designation as a threat to the republic.

All this is true.  It is a matter of record. The Pentagon is employing this private contractor to monitor “extremism” in its ranks.  It is also, as usual, not the “half of it.”  The private company in question is called Moonshot.  It is run by a lady named Vidhya Ramalingam, and she and her company don’t just monitor what you do online.  They control what you see and what you are told.

What is Moonshot?

Several years ago, Moonshot in cooperation with Jigsaw, developed something called the Redirect Method Jigsaw was created by and is controlled by Google.  It was originally known as Google Ideas, but its name was changed in an attempt to shake the effect of bad press concerning the company’s focus on censorship and the manipulation of search results.  The Guardian referred to Jigsaw as Google’s “intelligence agency.”

Essentially, Redirect works as follows.  Based on its algorithms and what it is told to look for it detects and intercepts online searches.  Then, instead of directing you to the information that matches your query, it sends you somewhere else.  It shows you what Moonshot, Jigsaw, and Google want you to see.  In some cases, this is pre-existing content that the people in charge have selected.  In other cases, it shows you content that was deliberately and specifically created just for this purpose to push a particular narrative.

This is not conjecture.  The people behind this effort are quite upfront about their intentions and the purpose of this manipulation of internet searches.

It is critical to note, of course, that it is Moonshot and Jigsaw, aka Google, that decides what is “credible” and “accurate.”

In discussing Moonshot and its hunt for “extremists” on CNBC Ramalingam stated her belief that white supremacists were a rising threat and linked them directly to President Trump.  She described the rise of extremist groups centered on Trump as “unprecedented” and stressed the urgent need to counter this development.  Ramalingam praised the tech companies for their actions in censoring people and removing content but then also made clear this did not go far enough.

For Ramalingam, it is not sufficient to silence someone.  That leaves the individual in place and their attitudes unchanged.  The internet provides an opportunity to go much further than that.  It provides the thought police with the capability and the opportunity to shape people’s thoughts.

What Ramalingam, Moonshot, and Google envision is something completely different, something that ultimately means the death of free speech and the birth of totalitarianism in America.  In Ramalingam’s future what can be said, what can be seen, what can even be mentioned will all be determined by some all-powerful cabal formed by big government and big tech.

Any effort to deviate from the prescribed “norms” will brand you as an “extremist” and a threat to the established order.  You will be silenced.  You will be manipulated.  Presumably, at some point, if none of that works you will simply be deprived of your freedom entirely.

This is the terrifying reality of where we stand in this nation.  These actions are not being debated or considered.  They are already being taken.  This is already happening.

Vidhya Ramalingam – The Lady Who Decides What You Get to See Online, Sam Faddis.

The Thought Police Are Real And They’re Here – DOD Technology (Babel Synthesis) Predicting Future Crimes and Identifying Enemies of the State

In the Chinese People’s Liberation Army a commissar is a party official integrated into the chain of command. He is charged with ensuring orthodoxy and adherence to party principles. No deviation from the approved ideology will be tolerated by anyone including the commanding officer. In the Department of Defense, we have a commissar now too. His name is Bishop Garrison.

Garrison is officially the Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense for Diversity and Inclusion. He runs the Countering Extremism Working Group. His job is to hunt down and purge from the ranks all who do not accept the new doctrine of critical race theory and do not believe that America is an inherently racist and evil nation.

Garrison believes that free speech is a digital “black plague.”

Like any good party official, Garrison knows that allowing individuals to speak their minds and exchange ideas freely is antithetical to groupthink and orthodoxy. It must be stamped out. Those who do not conform must be identified and rooted out. To help him in this task Garrison has a powerful new tool – Babel Street.

Babel Street is a private firm, which is already doing business with multiple government agencies including the Department of Defense. It sucks up data in bulk off the Internet, including from social media accounts.  It bypasses First Amendment restrictions on government monitoring of American citizens and then sells the data collected back to the government. It is now being considered to run a program for the Department of Defense, which will monitor the social media and online activity of all DOD members.

The real selling point of Babel X, however, is its ability to conduct what is known as sentiment analysis. Babel Street personnel create software that scores social media posts based on attitude, intent, and emotion and then compares those scores with the goals of the client using the software. What is produced is effectively a “grade” for each person targeted showing how they stack up against the client’s defined approved attitudes.  If you score poorly you are flagged for particular attention and, if necessary, disciplinary action or termination.

Even this, though, is not the full extent of Babel Street’s capabilities. Not satisfied with telling their clients what you think today, Babel Street now aspires to tell them what you might do tomorrow. It has moved into the world of predictive analysis with something called Babel Synthesis. [Yes, this is known as identifying “pre-crimes.”]

Babel Synthesis is AI. It means an artificial intelligence empowered to suck up all available data from the internet and every other accessible system will now make the determinations as to whose “sentiment” is appropriate and who might pose a “threat” in the future.  You may not have done anything yet, but if Babel Synthesis believes you will be a problem in the future, you will now be an “enemy of the state.” Babel Synthesis is not content with determining what you have already done or said. Its goal is to predict what you will do before you do it.

The Real Commissar – The Thought Police Are Real And They’re Here, Sam Faddis.

The Ministry Of Truth – The populace must be controlled, guided and when necessary, punished for thinking, saying, and advocating anything “unapproved.”

The Main Directorate for Literary and Publishing Affairs (Glavnoe Upravlenie po Delam Literatury i Izdatelstv), known as Glavlit, was the state agency responsible for the censorship of all printed materials in the former Soviet Union.  It also supervised the censorship of other media, including radio, television, theater, and film.  Glavlit was created in 1922 and ceased to exist in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union.

Our version of Glavlit is called the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT).  GIFCT was formally established in July 2017 by four founding companies – Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube. No word on when, or if, it might ever cease operations.

GIFCT is a consortium of U.S. tech companies.  It was formed – ostensibly – with the purpose of countering radical Islamic propaganda on the web.  As of 26 July (2021), it was formally redirected to counter the “false narratives” of “far-right” extremism and white supremacists.  If you oppose the agenda of the Biden administration, you are one of the people they are targeting.

The consortium, or cabal if you prefer, consists of 14 companies including GoogleFacebookTwitterAlphabet IncYouTubeRedditSnapchat-owner Snap, InstagramVerizon MediaMicrosoft’s LinkedIn, and file-sharing service Dropbox.

They maintain a shared database of content that has been deemed unacceptable.  This database includes content that the companies themselves have flagged as unacceptable, but it also includes content identified by the United Nations (U.N.) and the intelligence services of the United States, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. The National Security Council (NSC) of the United States is listed on GIFCT’s website as one of its formal partners.

Content that GIFCT identifies as “dangerous” is removed from the internet.  Given the companies involved and the extent of their reach this effectively means that the content is literally erased from the entirety of the Internet.  It simply ceases to exist as does any mention that it ever existed.

As frightening as all this is, though, it is only the tip of the iceberg.  GIFCT does not simply want to bar you from seeing content it labels misinformation.  GIFCT wants to feed you information that it believes you should see.  It wants to actively shape your perception of reality and alter the way you look at the world.  It does not simply want to stop you from hearing what someone else has to say.  It wants to force you to hear and see its version of reality.

This is not conjecture.  This intent is expressly laid out by the member companies online.  They don’t hide this purpose.  Like true zealots they champion it.  In their terminology, these efforts are called “counterspeech” and “counter-narrative.

One of the key components of this effort to reshape your view of the world is called the Redirect Initiative. Developed by Facebook it involves redirecting your search results, showing you not what you wanted to see but what Facebook and GIFCT have decided you should see.

The implications of this effort are terrifying.  If you question the safety and efficacy of COVID vaccines, for instance, GIFCT will not only prevent you from seeing content that supports your position, it will deliberately feed you content designed to convince you that the vaccines are safe and completely effective.  If you believe Joe Biden’s abandonment of control over our southern border threatens national security, you will soon learn that you can no longer view coverage of what is really happening and that all of your search results are for content assuring you that everything is under control and that “only racists want to control immigration.”

North Korea famously prevented its citizens from knowing Americans had landed on the Moon for decades.  We are now adopting the same practice of controlling what our citizens can see, say and think.

The First Amendment was based expressly on the idea that the free exchange of ideas combined with vigorous debate would lead to the truth.  It was based on a fundamental belief in the wisdom and common sense of the American people and the sure understanding that if they could speak and think and debate freely the best ideas would ultimately win out.

GIFCT and the rest of the Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” ‘constructs’ popping up around the country represent something antithetical to the First Amendment.  They are based on the idea that the populace is too stupid, too ignorant, and too unprincipled to be trusted to think for themselves.  They must be controlled, guided and when necessary, punished for thinking, saying, and advocating anything “unapproved.”

We are in truly dangerous waters.  The foundations of the republic are under attack.  If we do not act quickly to counter this assault on our freedom we may find, like the Russians before us, that we suffer long decades of tyranny and oppression.  We did not destroy the Soviet Union and Glavit only to replace them with GIFCT.

The Ministry Of Truth Comes To Life, Sam Faddis.