Welcome To Bidenland – Where The Cartels Are Not In Control Of Our Southern Border


The key to life in Bidenland is denial. Bidenland is a fantasy world where reality cannot intrude.

In Bidenland:

  • Afghanistan is not a terrorist superstate.
  • The Taliban are businesslike partners who want coexistence.
  • The Chinese do not control Bagram airbase.
  • Gas prices are not surging.
  • Shortages of consumer goods are not looming.
  • (Covid) Vaccines work.
  • And perhaps most importantly, the southern border is most definitely not out of control.

Most of us, however, do not live in Bidenland. We live in the real world. And, in this reality, our southern border is spiraling dangerously out of control.

One of the many myths in Bidenland is that everyone coming to our southern border has benign intentions. If we are being invaded it is by kindly, hardworking individuals who have traveled from all over the planet to give us hugs and wish us well.

No doubt there are a great many wonderful people arriving at our southern border who simply want to build new lives. There are also a great many other people and things crossing the border, and the vast criminal enterprises that are behind this mass movement are most definitely not well-intentioned.

Individuals are not crossing into the United States unaided. They are not coming in small groups on their own. They are being transported by the hundreds of thousands by criminal cartels. These are the very same cartels, which are moving massive quantities of drugs, including fentanyl, into our nation to poison our citizens.

These cartels use the movement of human beings across the border to overwhelm our border defenses and allow them with impunity to then move narcotics through areas of the border left unguarded. The numbers of people moved by these criminal enterprises are so huge that each individual is literally marked with a wristband, so the cartels can keep track of where they are going and where they are coming from. The wristbands are removed once the migrants enter the United States and literally litter the ground near the border.

Per a CBP official, “It’s an inventory reason. They’re all over the place.”

Jaeson Jones, a retired captain for the Texas Department of Public Safety who specialized for years in combatting Mexican cartels, describes the significance of this methodology this way.

“What this means is that the cartels and the smuggling organizations have created a process because they are being so overrun with people that, even for them, it’s difficult to keep up with who has paid and who hasn’t.”

The amount of money being made by the cartels is almost unbelievable. The current fee to move a single individual from Mexico into the United States is at least $2500. The cartels charge $3,000 for migrants from Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, and Honduras. Chinese migrants pay $5,000. Russians and Arabs pay $9,000.

Some migrants enter the United States without having paid in full. In these cases, the cartels keep tabs on the migrants inside the United States. They also keep tabs on relatives of the migrants who remain outside the United States. Anyone who does not pay in full can expect that they or their relatives will be threatened and pressured until the debt is discharged.

As of February, of this year the estimate was that the cartels were making $15 million a day from human smuggling.

Fueled by this new cash flow the already powerful cartels are making a real push to challenge the authority of Mexican authorities in the border area. The cartels are heavily armed. They have armored vehicles, belt-fed machineguns, and grenade launchers. They are fighting for territory amongst themselves, and they are openly challenging the Mexican government.

On July 15, 2021, the Juarez drug cartel detonated a car bomb in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, less than one mile from the U.S. border. The use of car bombs by the cartels is a new tactic and represents a dangerous escalation in the level of violence.

Inside Mexico, cartels are dividing the country up into what amount to separate kingdoms. Roads are being broken up and checkpoints established to prevent other gangs from entering what is considered “conquered” territory. Nothing moves in or out of these areas without cartel permission.

“They say that the border is secure, that people are being turned back. I can tell you that the border is anything but secure […] the ones who are de facto in charge of our southern border are the drug cartels from Mexico,” said U.S. Rep. Brian Babin, R-Texas recently during a fact-finding trip to the border.


The violence in Mexico is already spilling over into the United States. Instances of cartel members shooting at law enforcement on the American side are increasing.

ICE Special Agent Victor Avila recently noted in an interview that the El Paso sector of the border was particularly dangerous. “In El Paso, it’s a whole different dynamic. It’s all cartel land over there. Border patrol can’t even go to certain parts of the mountain, or they’ll get shot at from the Mexican side,” Avila said.

In June Gunmen in the Mexican city of Reynosa, another Mexican border town opened fire and killed at least 14 people. Reynosa is one of the key crossing points from Mexico into the United States.

Last week a cartel member opened fire with a machinegun sending tracer rounds over the border and into the United States. The fire was apparently specifically intended to pass over a known Border Control position as an act of intimidation. The incident followed days of taunts and threats by armed cartel fighters to Border Patrol agents inside the United States.

In reality, we no longer have a border with Mexico. We now have a border the other side of which is under the control of ultra-violent criminal organizations. Those organizations are increasingly showing a willingness to operate inside the United States and to challenge our law enforcement agencies directly.

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd said a few months ago that the Border Patrol no longer controls the U.S.-Mexico border, the cartels do. “I was asked last night who is controlling the border? Is it President Biden? Is it Kamala Harris, who is it? And my answer was, it’s the cartels. The cartels control the borders now. It’s not even the Border Patrol. It’s not even the U.S. government.”

That statement was echoed by Representative Chip Roy. “The reach of the cartels, I cannot emphasize the cartels enough, cartels have operational control of the border of the United States. That’s the truth for the most powerful country the world has ever known. Cartels run our border.”

This is reality. Just as in Afghanistan Biden’s “policies” have created the most lethal terrorist state in history, his border “policies” are enriching and emboldening criminal enterprises on a scale we have never seen before. These cartels do not simply operate in Mexico. Increasingly, they are the government of Mexico.

These groups are stronger and more violent by the day. Their fear of retaliation by what is an obviously toothless administration is dissipating. The violence in Mexico will inevitably come here, and we will find the ground under our feet on fire. That may not be true in Bidenland. It is true here.