Seeds Of Our Own Destruction


Our policy toward handling the COVID-19 pandemic has been fatally flawed from the outset. It has turned what should have been a manageable event into a disaster. Now it threatens to kill a very large portion of the people on the planet.

COVID-19 emerged as a fairly mild disease. It was easily communicable but rarely lethal unless the victim was already suffering from serious comorbidities. The U.S. seems to work overtime to conceal the exact average age of people dying of COVID here, but the United Kingdom says the average for people dying there is 82. About 78% of people who have been hospitalized, needed a ventilator, or died from Covid-19 have been obese. The survival rate is for most people is well in excess of 99%.

There are a number of available and effective therapeutics for COVID. Had we focused on effective early care of the sick and safeguarded vulnerable populations like nursing home residents the pandemic would be largely over. We would have achieved herd immunity and moved on.

It was not to be. The pharmaceutical industry recognized an opportunity to make unprecedented profits. Government bureaucrats and ambitious politicians saw a chance to crush individual liberties and gain undreamed-of power. Hydroxychloroquine and other drugs were shoved aside. Early treatment was effectively forbidden. Our entire national plan for handling a pandemic was scrapped in favor of lockdowns and forcing the entire population to take still largely experimental vaccines.

The futility of the exercise has been increasingly evident for some time:

The Irish County of Waterford has a vaccination rate of 99.7%. That county now has the highest per capita case rate of COVID in all of Ireland. That rate is three times the national average.

Israel has a vaccination rate in excess of 85%. Its COVID cases have skyrocketed. Four out of five people in the hospital with COVID have been fully vaccinated.

Britain is seeing a similar development. Cases are exploding. Three-quarters of the people dying of COVID are fully vaccinated.

China is reeling. The nation that brought us lockdowns is seeing a wave of new cases. The nation has vaccinated 1.07bn of its 1.41bn population against COVID, and cases are rising by the day. Lockdowns are back. Disneyland in Shanghai is once again closed.

The vaccines forced on the public worldwide are worthless. At best they give immunity against the original strain of the virus, which is now effectively extinct. The virus has mutated. It has moved on. The vaccines do not protect against the new variants, because unlike natural immunity they convey at most a very narrow, limited kind of protection.

We cannot vaccinate our way out of this pandemic. That much has been clear for some time. What is now becoming apparent, however, is that we are not only prolonging the pandemic and delaying the achievement of herd immunity. In the process, we are spurring the virus to become more lethal.

“In parallel with universal vaccination, more infectious strains have rapidly expanded in prevalence…Contrary to live vaccines, vaccines produced by modern vaccine technologies fail to induce sterilizing immunity. Failure to do so inevitably leads to selection and adaptation of more and more infectious variants and eventually forces the virus into resistance to neutralizing Abs [antibodies] in order to survive.”

Geert Vanden Bosscht, PhD

Just how lethal COVID may become is terrifying. According to a recent report from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) in the United Kingdom, the virus could evolve into a disease comparable to the Black Death in its lethality. SAGE believes it is a real possibility that COVID will evolve into a disease that kills one out of every three people it infects.

“Scenario one: The Delta variant mutates to a point of increased lethality. Under this scenario, the virus has the potential to kill between 10 and 35% of people infected, as did SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, up from the 1 to 2% lethality, characteristic of the current strains.”

Unfortunately, the indications are that this is already happening. Dr. Kirsten Patrick had this to say recently in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ).

“New research shows that SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern (VOCs) are more virulent than the native strain, in addition to being more transmissible. Fisman and Tuite used Ontario’s COVID-19 case data to estimate the virulence of the Alpha/B1.1.17, Beta/B.1.351, Gamma/P.1 and Delta/B.1.617 variants compared with the initial wild-type strain of SARS-CoV-2. They found higher risks of hospitalization, admission to intensive care, and death with VOCs, particularly the Delta variant.

Canada is battling a different pandemic from the one it faced in early 2020. The virus has become smarter and more dangerous, which means that we need to be smarter too. Canada’s governments can keep people safe by enacting policies that wisely combine all the measures that have been shown to be effective.”

Dr. Kirsten Patrick, Interim Editor-in-Chief, CMAJ

To date, our grotesque mishandling of the COVID pandemic has been a matter of individual liberty, economics, and government overreach. None of that is inconsequential. When we are faced with a government, which seeks to strip us of our constitutional rights, the situation is grave.

Now, though, we are faced with a threat even more elemental. We are faced with the possibility that we are, in effect, training the virus to kill us. We are driving it to evolve, become more lethal and more uncontrollable.

The Black Death killed one-third of the people in Europe in the 1300s. Cities were depopulated. Entire streets were torn up to be turned into mass graves. Civilization itself teetered on the edge of destruction.

We are facing the possibility of turning COVID into a monster of comparable proportions. We are sowing the seeds of our own destruction.