The Taliban’s Terror Rulebook – No Trials, Just Summary Judgement


You probably thought that the Taliban just made up their rules as they went along. When you are quite literally on a mission from God it seems like you should be able to justify anything. It turns out, though, that the Taliban actually has a rule book that tells them just how to oppress Afghans and send the whole country spinning back into the 6th century.

The manual is called the “By-Law of the Commission for Preaching and Guidance, Recruitment and Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.” It was created in 2020, and a revised version was published in February 2021 as the Taliban began to expand the territory under its control.

Joe Biden and his band of incompetents spend a lot of time trying to reassure us that the Taliban have evolved. They are kinder and gentler and, of course, more businesslike. It is strange, therefore, that their rulebook shows no sign of that evolution.

Much of the manual is devoted not surprisingly to restrictions on the conduct of women and girls. All religious fanatics seem obsessed with the oppression of females. The Taliban, in fact, are quite specific about their belief that the face of a woman is the face of “corruption.”

The Taliban rule book instructs religious leaders to teach people about which male family members can act as chaperones for women and older girls. In the ‘new Afghanistan,’ women are not permitted to leave the home unless escorted and supervised. At all other times, they are effectively under house arrest.

Women are not supposed to speak above a whisper in public. They are not allowed on balconies where they can be seen from the street. If you have women in your house, you should paint over any ground floor windows lest some stranger sees them from the street. Anytime they are in the presence of any man who is not a family member, of course, women must be veiled. Seeing a woman’s face in public is no longer possible anywhere in the nightmare that is now Afghanistan.

Sex outside of marriage is illegal. Same-sex relationships are illegal. Anyone having information about such goings-on is required to report to the district manager of the Ministry for Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. The Ministry will then conduct an investigation and see to it that the offenders are punished. Such punishment can include execution.

As obsessed as they are with sex, though, the Taliban do have time for other matters as well. Their manual discourages people from “helping, befriending…infidels” and instructs religious leaders to advise men on growing their beards. It also advises that anyone who fails to pray or fast as required by the Koran should also be reported to the Ministry.

There will be no parties. There will be no music. Cinemas are out. Gambling is forbidden. And, just to make sure nobody can spread any information contrary to that approved by the Ministry there will be no “inappropriate use of tape cassettes, dish antenna, computer, and mobile.”

All across Afghanistan, the directives of the Taliban’s manual are being put into practice. Last week Taliban fighters shot dead two guests at a wedding. They were playing music in violation of the new rules.

Last month, the Taliban killed four men and hung their dead bodies in public squares in the Afghan city of Herat. They were alleged to be kidnappers, but their real crimes remain unclear. There was no trial, just summary execution.

Mullah Nooruddin Turabi the previous head of the Taliban’s Ministry of Promotion of Virtue and Suppression of Vice said recently that the group will resume amputations as punishment under Islamic law. Public floggings of women have been reported across the country. Summary executions are routine as are beatings and torture.

Biden and his morally corrupt administration want you to forget about Afghanistan and move on. They are already shoveling money to the Taliban, and before you know it, they will likely release the $7 billion frozen in U.S. bank accounts to these barbarians.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan good, decent people are living in hell. They have been abandoned to the control of Islamic fanatics. The Ministry for Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice is very serious about its work and its members fully intend to enforce every rule in their mad playbook. They know exactly how to terrorize a nation.