Marie Antoinette, The Divine Right Of Kings And Joe Biden


Marie Antoinette was the last queen of France. Famously, even as the mob came for her and her husband Louis XVI, she argued against reform and refused compromise with the people. In doing so, she guaranteed her own demise. Marie is long dead. Her spirit, however, seems somehow to have infected the Biden White House and the leadership of the Democratic Party.

Marie was born into the royal family of Austria. From birth, she was raised to believe in the divine right of monarchs to rule over their subjects. She never considered for a moment the possibility of giving the people a role in their own rule. Kings and queens ruled by dictate. The people obeyed. It was all very clear cut and simple, until such time as she met her fate on the guillotine.

The Biden White House seems infected with the same spirit. Devoid of popular support it continues to push ahead with an agenda only the “experts” want. Even as the crowd gathers in the street and the torches and pitchforks begin to appear across the land, Biden and his minions press ahead.

Terry McAuliffe was just defeated in a race for Governor in Virginia. Any reasonable analysis would conclude that the race was a referendum on the radical agenda being pursued in the nation’s schools. The parents of Virginia spoke loudly and clearly. Our children are not yours to play with, indoctrinate and raise.

Undeterred, the Biden administration is pushing ahead with plans to force experimental vaccines on children as young as five.

Our military is being gutted by vaccine mandates.

Chicago is perched on the edge of a precipice and faced with the possibility of descent into anarchy. Half of its police force may be off the job soon based on the vaccine mandates being pushed by Joe and his zealots.

New York is already closing firehouses as firefighters call out sick signaling, they will not get the shot.

American and Southwest Airlines are canceling flights by the hundreds as they face the same kind of labor unrest.

It is not simply a matter of vaccine mandates, however. The Biden administration is purging the military of those deemed ideologically impure. It is weaponizing the intelligence and law enforcement communities to hunt down those who oppose it. It is pushing the most radical political agenda in American history, and it does not care who likes it or opposes it.

Biden’s economic policies have been a disaster. Food prices are up. Energy prices are skyrocketing. Gas is up. Natural gas is more expensive. Americans are faced with the prospect now of having to choose between running their cars or heating their homes.

Across America venues are rocked with chants of “Let’s Go Brandon.” We all know that’s not really enthusiasm for an otherwise obscure NASCAR driver. Never in our history perhaps have we seen such open contempt for a sitting “President.”

And, yet the White House shows no signs of deviating from its course. Neither do its supporters in what remains of the increasingly irrelevant legacy media. Convinced of their moral superiority and their divine right to rule, the elitists huddle behind the palace walls and counsel, not reform, but doubling down on what has not worked so far.

Reality may not intrude. A fantasy narrative must be constructed.

Virginia did not vote against a socialist agenda, which makes their children the property of the state.  They voted for white supremacy.  They answered a secret dog whistle. Having neatly stowed away their sheets and white hoods in their closets, they all scurried down to the polls to vote for a return to Jim Crow.

How any of this squares with the fact that in this same election, Virginians elected Winsome Sears as the first black Lieutenant-Governor in the state’s history remains unclear. But then, Sears presents a difficult nut to crack even for the Democratic faithful. She is black. She is a Marine. She is an immigrant from Jamaica. She puts the lie to all of the narratives on which Biden and company have come to depend so heavily.

Best just to erase her from history then.

Virginia is not an aberration. As of this writing, the New Jersey Governor’s race, which should have been an easy win for the Democrats remains too close to call. A crowd is gathering. The people are angry. They are not going back to their homes.

Inside the palace, the noise is barely audible. The ancient regime continues to believe in its divine right to rule. Listen carefully enough and you may hear Marie’s voice whispering, “let them eat cake” or perhaps “let them get vaxxed.” It is all the same thing. The arrogance of monarchs and would-be monarchs remains unchanged.