BLM In Our Schools – A Radical, Racist, Overtly Marxist Agenda


In Virginia, the state’s parents just signaled loud and clear that they are sick and tired of bureaucrats and academics playing God with their children.  Undeterred, the National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers’ union in the country, and Black Lives Matter are getting ready for Black Lives Matter at School – an annual week-long protest and educational event held each February since 2017.  School administrators and teachers will, you will be happy to know, organize walkouts and teach lessons designed to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Black Lives Matter movement maintains an entire website dedicated to Black Lives Matter at School. Prominently displayed on this website is this quote.

“It is our duty to fight for our freedom.
It is our duty to win.
We must love each other and support each other.
We have nothing to lose but our chains. “
~Assata Shakur

Assata Shakur is a terrorist. She is on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list. She was convicted of murdering a New Jersey state trooper during a shootout in 1973. She subsequently escaped from prison and fled to Cuba where she has been hiding ever since.

Shakur is a former member of the Black Liberation Army. The Black Liberation Army was an underground, black nationalist-Marxist organization dedicated to the violent overthrow of the government of the United States. It carried out a long series of bombings, robberies, and prison breaks.

Shakur is a hero of the Black Lives Matter movement. The quote above is routinely chanted at BLM rallies. BLM itself is an openly Marxist organization, which in addition to other things, seeks the dissolution of the nuclear family.

BLM’s adoration of Shakur is not surprising. The materials provided for BLM in Schools include numerous articles, which glorify the Black Panthers. The group is lauded for its defense of the black community and its revolutionary goals. The FBI is demonized for its work against the Black Panthers. The fact that the Panthers assassinated dozens of law enforcement officers is conveniently forgotten.

Black Lives Matter at School promotes a radical, racist, overtly Marxist agenda. It pushes narratives like gender fluidity, which are, to say the least, highly controversial. It has nothing to do with the education of our children and everything to do with their indoctrination.

During this annual event, children are taught that the United States is an inherently racist nation. Children are instructed to fight to tear down the existing system and replace it with one that is “queer affirming” and “equitable.”

“From police violence to the prison system, to the wealth gap, to maternal mortality rates, to housing, to education and beyond, the major institutions and systems of our country are deeply infected with anti-Blackness and its intersection with other forms of oppression. To not acknowledge this and help students understand the roots of U.S. racism is to deceive them — not educate them.”

The curriculum to be used during the weeklong BLM in Schools event includes a number of sample resolutions for schools to adopt affirming their belief in BLM’s core philosophy. One such resolution reads in part:

“WHEREAS the killing of unarmed Black men and women has left young people searching for answers to incredibly complicated and infuriating questions; and

WHEREAS the extrajudicial killing of Black people in this country has deep roots in the dehumanizing system of white supremacy that once defined Black bodies as property and persisted in the form of lynchings during the 100 years of Jim Crow. The mob and the whip have been replaced by government-sponsored “programs” like COINTELPRO, the war on drugs, mass incarceration, unjust policing, and structural policies that maintain racial segregation (redlining, urban renewal, and more) that exploit and oppress poor communities. Because these tragedies are not new and have lasting negative consequences for our communities, cities, and nation, we need to assert, over and over again, that the lives of Black people matter…”

Milwaukee BLM in Schools resolution.

One of the heroes of this year’s event is William Dorsey Swann. Swann was born a slave. He is celebrated by BLM as being the nation’s first “drag queen” and running a brothel.

“Beginning in the 1880s, he not only became the first American activist to lead a queer resistance group; he also became, in the same decade, the first known person to dub himself a ‘queen of drag’—or, more familiarly, a drag queen.”

BLM materials include a heavy dose of indoctrination on gender fluidity.

“Many people confuse sex and gender or use the two interchangeably. Many wrongly assume that sex defines gender, when in reality gender identity is a living, growing experience that can change over time.”

“Names and pronouns are a common way to communicate one’s gender. Honoring a person’s name and pronouns shows respect and acknowledgment of their gender and identity. Here are some examples of pronouns that people use, in order of nominative, objective, possessive determiner, possessive pronoun, and reflexive:
• She, her, her, hers, and herself
• He, him, his, his, and himself
• They, them, their, theirs, and themself
• Ze/zie, hir, hir, hirs, and hirself
• Xe, xem, xyr, xyrs, and xemself
• Ve, ver, vis, vis, and verself”

“Gender is not strictly binary, and while some transgender people are binary in their gender identity and expression, others may express their gender as nonbinary, agender, genderfluid, and many more.”

None of this has any place in our schools. We are witnessing a full-scale assault on the foundations of our society and democracy. Our children, our future, are being taught to hate their nation and to reject all of the most fundamental aspects of our civilization.

This is not occurring by accident. All of it is straight out of the Marxist playbook and is designed to tear down our existing political, economic, and social structures so that they may be replaced by Communist, totalitarian ones. Black Lives Matter is in our schools, and if we do not get them out, we will lose our future.