The Man Who Would Burn New York – BLM Leader Threatens Bloodshed


Hawk Newsome is the leader of something called Black Lives Matter of Greater New York. Newsome is threatening to tear New York City apart if the new Mayor-Elect Eric Adams does not back off on plans to reenergize policing. A threat like this to America’s largest city might ordinarily be thought to stimulate intervention by federal law enforcement.

Unfortunately, the FBI and DOJ are too busy worrying about the “terror” threat from parents at school boards meetings and hunting for copies of Joe Biden’s daughter’s diary, which may paint a particularly unsavory picture of life inside the Biden home. The Big Apple is on its own.

Hawk Newsome’s outfit is not formally part of the broader BLM movement. He appears to be too out of control even for them. Following a recent meeting with Mayor-Elect Adams, Newsome was characteristically blunt, saying that if the Mayor proceeded with his plans to restore police capabilities, “There will be riots, there will be fire, and there will be bloodshed”.

The Co-founder of Black Lives Matter Greater New York, Chivona Newsome, Hawk’s sister, doubled down on the threats following the meeting with the Mayor. “If he [Adams] wants to see the city in an uprising, we can give him that. “

Hawk Newsome’s attitude toward policing has been clear for a long time. He has advocated for disarming the police and for the creation of an armed black force to handle security in black neighborhoods. At various points, he has claimed that such a force was being built by his organization with the assistance of black former members of the special operations community.

It is important to note that the purpose of Newsome’s armed patrols would not be so much to police the black community as to monitor the police and intervene to protect the black community from them. He and his organization openly glorify members of the original Black Panthers like Angela Davis. The Panthers assassinated at least 33 police officers during the time of their existence.

Hawk’s goals are not limited to policing though. He has a much broader, much more revolutionary set of demands as well. He wants reparations. He wants cancellation of rent. He believes in the central tenets of critical race theory (CRT). He believes the United States is an inherently racist nation, and its political, economic, and social structures need to be torn down and replaced.

Hawk Newsome’s rhetoric has grown increasingly incendiary. “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it,” Newsome said in an interview last year.

Newsome’s vision for the future is much more closely aligned with the black separatist movement than any vision of unity and togetherness. “We don’t want white people here,” Newsome told The New York Post in an interview. He was referring to black neighborhoods in the Bronx. “Stay the f–k out of our communities.”

At another point in the same interview with the Post, Newsome added this about being present in Minneapolis during the 2020 riots there.

“I was standing in front of Wells Fargo when it was burning in Minneapolis,” he said. “It was very liberating. F–k that. Burn man. They only listen when we destroy things. America doesn’t care about people; they care about property.”

Hank Newsome

Before becoming a revolutionary, Newsome was a failed politician whose first name was Walter. He has been remarkably open about his past – talking in graphic detail about the physical abuse he has inflicted on women in particular.

“Hitting a woman was okay as long as it was ‘justified’ by cheating on you or disrespecting you in any way… One thing we would say was talk like a man, getting hit like a man.”

Newsome is not a reformer. Newsome is a terrorist inciting violence and threatening to ignite a firestorm in the biggest city in the country. He ought not be tolerated or coddled. He ought to be crushed.

He will not be. This administration came to power riding a wave of violence funded and directed by groups in this nation bent on its destruction. It will not change course now. It will not dare confront the thugs who burned Minneapolis, Chicago, and countless other cities. These are the shock troops for the Marxist revolution. They will be encouraged rather than arrested and imprisoned.

Meanwhile, in the White House and at the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security serious discussions are going on about the danger posed by “domestic violent extremists” who have the audacity to demand to know the true health effects of experimental vaccines being pumped into the bodies of our children. Suggest that you don’t want your middle school child reading a book detailing graphic sex scenes and you are a danger to the republic.

The new black Lieutenant-Governor of Virginia, Winsome Sears, a veteran, an immigrant, and a credit to her nation is a “white supremacist.” A violent thug from the Bronx (Newsome) who revels in arson and looting is a ‘role model and a serious political figure.’

This is Biden’s vision of America. I hope it is banished to the ash bin of history. I hope the same for the man who would burn New York.