Are Australia’s Draconian Lockdowns & Mandates A Warning For The World?


An Australian group, Reignite Democracy Australia, put out an S.O.S. stating that they were asking for international assistance in fighting draconian lockdowns and mandate measures in their country. The group claims that Australia is “no longer free.” While much of the mainstream media has ignored mandate and lockdown protests in many parts of the world, including in Australia, the Australians appear to be suffering the hardest at present under the mandates – which now include vaccine passport requirements for conducting many aspects of regular life. The group’s S.O.S. video – which shows the “draconian” enforcement of mask mandates and social distancing mandates is embedded below.

Australian MP Crag Kelly has been quite vocal at calling out the mandates and lockdowns as unconstitutional – both in the streets and in parliament. Moments ago, Kelly tweeted, “People Power still going strong after midnight.” “I stand with the peaceful Freedom Fighters occupying the People’s House.” “WELL DONE EVERYONE – The People are awake while the Dictator sleeps -Long live FREEDOM.” The tweet was in response to protests held last night in Melbourne against a new bill before parliament which many fear gives too much power to unelected government officials and far too little power to the elected officials.

In response to last night’s protests, Kelly also tweeted, “I SALUTE the Melbourne Freedom Fighters peacefully standing up for OUR FREEDOMS tonight @ the Victorian Parliament House.”

It’s not just the politicians protesting the Australian government’s actions. Dr. Mark Hobart has been very active on Twitter calling out the government’s actions. His office was recently raided and patient files were taken “illegally” he claims. One of his recent tweets he states, “A patient’s rights to have their medical records kept private and confidential should be sacrosanct. Sadly this is no longer the case in Victoria. Plz help me fight the Victorian Dept of Health who illegally took some of my patients’ records.” Dr. Hobart fears the patients’ information may be illegally shared with government agencies and patients’ employers as an enforcement of the government’s vaccine mandates.

The government of Queensland, Australia just announced new prohibitions for the “unvaccinated.” Those include the inability of the unvaccinated to visit or attend: hotels, pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, sports stadiums, concerts, theme parks, or any festivals. The new measures also mean the unvaccinated cannot visit hospitals, care homes, or prisons – with limited emergency situations exempted. It also means the unvaccinated cannot visit government libraries, museums, and galleries. The order specifically states that the unvaccinated can access retail services and public transport, however, does not explain how that is possible with the orders against the unvaccinated being unable to access all of the above-listed venues such as hotels, pubs, restaurants, taverns, bars, cafes, nightclubs, etc. I guess currently they are not prohibiting the unvaccinated from purchasing food in grocery stores?

The new list of prohibitions also notes that businesses will check your vaccination certificate and specifically states that that vaccine certificates will soon be linked to your “Check In Qld app.” Digital vaccine passports will soon be rolled out across Australia. As many people have warned, “there is no going back from the digital passports.”