Australia Now Quarantining Covid-Positive Cases In “Camps” – For A Virus With A Fatality Rate Of Less Than 1 Percent


Wake Up!

Australia is now using the military in the Northern Territories to take Covid positive cases (people) to quarantine camps. The military is also rounding up people who “have been in close contact” with covid-positive cases!

Below, an Australian citizen films a quarantine camp in Brisbane, Australia. Worth the watch. Fully fenced – the filmer claims it is an electric fence. Why does Australia need to use its military to take positive cases and their contacts to a quarantine camp?

Here is a link to the estimated infection fatality rate (IFR). And, here is a link explaining why the frequently used case fatality rate (CFR) skews the fatality rate higher, as it is counting cases and hospitalizations for covid, but not accounting for what studies show is a much broader infection rate across the globe than those used in the CFR.