One More Time With A Big Red Crayon – You Cannot Vaccinate Your Way Out Of The Pandemic


Let’s try this one more time with a big red crayon. YOU CANNOT VACCINATE YOUR WAY OUT OF THE PANDEMIC. THE VIRUS MUTATES FASTER THAN YOU CAN DEVELOP NEW VACCINES TO COUNTER IT. If we continue on this course, we will be vaccinating and revaccinating, and administering booster shots forever.

Oh, wait, I forgot. That’s the point. The more shots the more money for Big Pharma.

The newest strain of COVID-19 is Omicron. It is otherwise known as the B.1.1.529 variant.

Omicron is the most heavily mutated variant of COVID to date. It has 32 mutations to the spike protein alone and 50 overall. It was identified less than a week ago in Botswana. It has already been detected in South Africa, Israel, Hong Kong, and Belgium.

What all this means for the lethality and communicability of Omicron is as yet unclear. This could be very bad news. The virus could also be mutating in ways, which do not make it a greater threat.

What is clear is this, however. If you were vaccinated with any of the existing vaccines, you will be unlikely to have immunity against Omicron. The immunity you acquire from covid vaccines is narrow and specific. Once the virus mutates sufficiently your vaccine becomes useless against it.

If, on the other hand, you have natural immunity, Omicron will be unlikely to be a significant threat. Very quickly your body will recognize the new variant as COVID, manufacture antibodies, and you will move on.

Omicron exposes completely the totally misguided nature of our approach to the COVID pandemic so far. The correct, approach would be one focused on the existing, effective outpatient treatments for COVID, early outpatient treatment, aggressive community contact tracing, and home quarantine of sick people.

That wouldn’t create an endless market for expensive vaccines, however. That wouldn’t lend itself to massive power grabs by bureaucrats and social engineers. So, no matter how obvious it becomes that there is no end to this crisis as long as we remain fixated on vaccination we will continue to adhere to a failed doctrine.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result may be the definition of insanity. It is also a prescription for record corporate profits.

Omicron is spreading very quickly. In under two weeks, it is now dominating all infections including those from the Delta variant. Nations across the globe, including the United States, are imposing travel restrictions on travel from Africa. The governor of New York just announced an emergency order in advance of Omicron appearing in that state.

In South Africa, the Minister of Health Dr. Joe Phaahla said the number of positive cases of coronavirus infections has been rising over the past seven to 10 days, with “more of an exponential rise” over the past few days. Health Minister Phaahla admitted that the South Africans were hoping for a longer respite before the fourth wave.

“It reinforces that this invisible enemy is now very unpredictable.”

An examination of the data coming in from all over the world shows clearly that the areas that are hardest hit by new cases are those with the greatest number of vaccinated individuals. In fact, there is now strong evidence that having been vaccinated may, in fact, make you more likely to be infected with new strains of the disease and may impair your body’s ability to fight off the new variants.

Vaccination may not only make you more likely to come down with COVID, but it may also increase the chances the disease will kill you.

We are a year and a half into fighting this pandemic. We have employed tactics never before seen in American like mandatory lockdowns and now increasingly aggressive efforts to mandate vaccination. We have made a handful of people in Big Pharma very rich. We have failed utterly to control the spread of the disease. More of the same will not produce different results.

“The Biden administration’s strategy to universally vaccinate in the middle of the pandemic is bad science and badly needs a reboot. This strategy will likely prolong the most dangerous phase of the worst pandemic since 1918 and almost assuredly cause more harm than good – even as it undermines faith in the entire public health system.”

Dr. Robert Malone

Time for a change. Forget the lockdowns. Forget the vaccines. Treat the sick. Protect the most vulnerable. Focus on the achievement of natural immunity amongst the population.

Biden’s pronouncements about mandating vaccination are at best pointless. We are forcing people to take a vaccine against a virus that is now extinct.

The truth cannot possibly be clearer. It is long past time to change course. Vaccine proponents talk endlessly about basing policy on data and science. Let’s see if they mean it.