Briefing For The Next President – Biden Will Leave You A Legacy of Ashes


In 1940 and 1941 the United States and its allies suffered a series of catastrophic defeats. By the end of 1941, Pearl Harbor was a smoking ruin. The Japanese had overrun virtually all of East Asia and were threatening to invade Australia. Hitler and his allies controlled Western Europe, were battering Britain from the air and had Panzer divisions within striking distance of Moscow. We were not suffering setbacks. We were facing existential threats to the continued existence of the republic.

By the time the next President takes office, we may find ourselves in a situation that is equally dire.

Afghanistan – Afghanistan has become a terrorist superstate. It harbors the most powerful, evil terrorist organizations on the planet. Sometime in the very near future the Biden administration, keen to surrender to our enemies wherever possible, will release the billions of dollars of Afghan money frozen in U.S. banks. What pretext it will use is irrelevant. Fueled by that influx of cash the Taliban and their fellow barbarians will embark on a terror campaign the likes of which we have never seen.


The first target of Afghan terror will be Pakistan. Islamabad has armed and harbored the Taliban for years, believing it could control and guide the monster it was creating. It will soon find out what Dr. Frankenstein did. Monsters have minds of their own. Terrorist incidents are already increasing in Pakistan, where terror rates are the highest in four years. That nation will soon be ablaze.


The one thing on which all South Asian jihadis agree is that India’s occupation of Kashmir makes it enemy number one. With Afghanistan as a safe haven and billions to fund terror, Islamic groups will set India’s cities ablaze and potentially fuel a new India-Pakistan war. Such a conflict, between two nuclear-armed states, has the potential to destabilize the entire planet.


Biden is at best the most incompetent President in American history. It is entirely possible that he is working for the Communist Chinese. Either way, Xi Jinping is not going to waste this opportunity. He will create an incident claiming probably that Taiwan attacked Chinese forces. He will impose an air and sea blockade of Taiwan in response. The Biden administration will never act to break that blockade. The Taiwanese will be forced to enter negotiations with Beijing and to accept the status originally afforded to Hong Kong – one nation – two systems. We know how that turned out. This will be the first step toward the complete absorption of Taiwan by Communist China.


One way or the other Putin is going to force Ukraine back into the status of being a puppet state. Biden has already conceded his ace in the hole by allowing Russia to proceed with the Nordstrom 2 pipeline and by crippling the U.S. oil and natural gas industry. We are never going to commit American troops to the defense of Ukraine, and we are doing nothing to manage Russian fears that Ukraine is headed toward becoming a member of NATO. Inevitably, perhaps after Russian troops enter Kyiv, the Ukrainians are going to be forced to knuckle under, give up territory to Moscow and accept being back under Vlad’s thumb.


Biden and his team gave away the farm to Iran once. They will do it again. Iran will escape sanctions. It will emerge more powerful and more aggressive. In all likelihood, the Iranians will get the bomb along the way as well. The only thing that can prevent this will be a preemptive Israeli attack, which will likely precipitate a general Mideast War. Only a year ago we were looking at peace breaking out all over the Middle East. We are now on the verge of catastrophe.


Iran is moving aggressively to take control of Iraq even as Biden looks to pull all American troops out. Nothing is going to change this dynamic. We are going to walk away and hand the keys to Iran, which will move without hesitation to crush those who have stood with us, starting with the Kurds.

Rare Earth Minerals

These substances, like lithium, are to the economy of the future what oil has been to the world for a hundred years. He who controls the supply of these materials controls the fate of every industrialized nation on the planet. Biden just gave the world’s biggest lithium deposits in Afghanistan to China. The Chinese already control most of the rest of the world’s supply. Biden is doing nothing to change this equation and is aggressively implementing requirements for the manufacture of electric vehicles, which will make us even more vulnerable to a possible Chinese embargo. We are handing Beijing the tools it needs to destroy us economically.


Under President Trump, the United States became energy independent and a net exporter of oil and gas. Biden has moved quickly to weaken the American fossil fuel industry and make us dependent on foreign sources of energy. We have returned to the days of begging OPEC to increase production and lower prices. War in the Middle East once again threatens the stability of our economy.

Only a relatively few years ago, the United States was the world’s lone superpower. The four years of a Biden administration will change that fundamentally. It is not simply that we will face challenges or suffer setbacks.

The entire balance of power in the world will be altered by Biden and his mandarins. When the dust settles, the United States will face an almost unprecedented host of threats. It will not simply be that we can no longer project power or influence events. In a way that has not been true since 1941, we will face existential threats to the republic.

Whoever takes control of the White House in 2024 needs to begin to prepare now for the legacy of ashes he or she will inherit. In 1942 we found it necessary to mount a worldwide offensive to regain the initiative and stave off attacks on the homeland. We will need no less a concerted, well-orchestrated effort to undo the damage being done each day by the most destructive administration in American history.