Biden ‘Knee Caps’ Israel – Buys Iran Time


As they say, when it comes to war – amateurs talk tactics. Professionals talk logistics. There is a great deal of talk these days about the possibility of Israel striking Iran to destroy its nuclear weapons program. Any such action, in reality, will be as much an exercise in logistics as in tactics, and Joe Biden just kneecapped any Israeli hope of being able to carry out such an attack.

The targets in Iran that would have to be hit by Israel are scattered over a wide area and are at least a thousand kilometers from the bases in Israel from which a strike would be launched. To carry out attacks of the kind necessary and on the scale contemplated would mean aerial refueling from tanker aircraft. Israel is desperately short of such planes.

To rectify that problem the Israelis recently asked the Biden administration to expedite the delivery of tanker aircraft it has on order from the United States. It seemed a reasonable enough request. We are after all talking about stopping a radical, revolutionary Islamic regime from getting nuclear weapons with which it can terrorize the entire Middle East and eventually the world.

The Biden administration said: “No.” Sorry, it will be years before we can possibly get those planes to you.” The Iranians may be only weeks away from having the bomb, but the best we can do is to deliver your order in 2024.

The sale of eight new KC-46 Pegasus aerial refueling tankers to Israel was approved by the State Department in March. Funding has already been arranged. At issue is only the precedence that will be given to the Israeli order.

This issue is not an abstraction for Israel. The Iranians are pressing ahead with the development of a nuclear weapon. Once they have in hand even a handful of such weapons, the continued existence of the Jewish state is very much in doubt.

Israel may have a highly professional military. That does not change the fact that it is a tiny, densely populated nation. A single airburst of a nuclear weapon of the size we used against Japan over Tel Aviv could easily kill a hundred thousand people and wound another two hundred thousand. A ground burst could produce fallout that would contaminate a huge portion of the landmass of the nation. Even a handful of Iranian nuclear weapons could render large portions of Israel uninhabitable.

Israel cannot accept a nuclear Iran, and it must operate under the assumption that the Iranians are deadly serious about their seemingly endless threats to wipe Israel from the map.

Last week a map appeared on the front page of the Tehran Times, an English language newspaper in Iran, which functions as a mouthpiece for the regime. “Just One Wrong Move” read the headline of the article, which opened with this paragraph.

“An intensification of the Israeli military threats against Iran seems to suggest that the Zionist regime has forgotten that Iran is more than capable of hitting them from anywhere.”

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The Biden administration will characterize its decision not to expedite the delivery of tanker aircraft to Israel as purely a matter of manufacturing capacity and competing priorities. This is deliberate obfuscation. Biden and his mandarins know exactly what they are doing. They are buying time for a hostile regime to gain strength, finish its preparations and acquire the bomb.

Under Barack Obama, the United States signed on to the disastrous Iran nuclear deal. That agreement did nothing to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. It handed the ayatollahs billions and turned them loose to set the Middle East on fire. From Yemen to Syria to Iraq they did so.

Donald Trump made slow but steady progress in getting the mad clerics in Tehran back under control and restoring our policy of containment. He also took historic steps toward a final lasting peace in the Middle East and the building of a true Sunni Arab – Israeli alliance.

Biden and his crew intend to tear all of that down. Fundamentally, they do not side with the United States, Israel, and the increasingly secular Sunni states in this conflict. We are the enemy in this fight. Sympathy lies with the terrorists and the jihadists.

Step by step the plan to unleash the Islamic Republic of Iran and further its nuclear ambitions will play out. Israel just found out how far this administration is willing to go. Even as Israelis contemplate a future in which Iran can reduce their cities to ash, Biden and company have acted to prevent Israel from acting in self-defense and to buy the Iranians time.