2020 Was Only The Beginning: 2022 Is The Year Of The Big Steal In Pennsylvania


In November 2020, Pennsylvania held an election. Pursuant to Act 77, a bill passed inexplicably in 2019 by a Republican-controlled legislature, the state implemented mass, no excuses mail-in voting. Decisions by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the partisan Secretary of State subsequently stripped out what few safeguards the legislature had bothered to implement.

The result was predictable. Opportunities for fraud were everywhere. One report, compiled after the election was over, found that the number of votes counted was more than 200,000 higher than the number of people who actually voted. Two hundred thousand votes somehow seemed to have appeared out of thin air.

No one in Harrisburg cared. Fourteen months later the legislature has made no move to return the state to in-person voting. An “audit” of the vote drags on with no discernible impact and with no clearly defined goals. Pennsylvania, it appears, intends to go into the 2022 election without fixing any of the issues manifested in 2020.

As the Republicans slumber, however, the Democrats are moving with dispatch. What happened in 2020 was only the beginning.

Leigh Chapman is the new Secretary of State in Harrisburg. In that capacity, theoretically, she is charged with ensuring the integrity of elections in the state. Her job is fully non-partisan.

But, Leigh, is not here to guard the ballot box. She is here to steal it. She is part of a machine whose entire purpose is to fully transform our electoral process and institutionalize one-party rule.

Chapman’s life work is dismantling the existing electoral system and substituting something radically different. If you want to know exactly how different, take a look at the so-called “For the People Act” which Chapman has campaigned for, and which is now before the Congress of the United States.

This bill, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act,(HR4), would end elections as we have known them since the birth of the republic. It would take control of elections away from state legislatures and place them entirely under the control of the federal government. Its radical provisions include:

Eliminating all state voter ID laws. Voters would simply be required to sign a statement saying that they were who they claimed to be. There would be no mechanism to verify such claims.
Mandating same-day registration. States would be required to allow anyone to vote even those who showed up to register on the day of the election. As a practical matter, this would make it impossible to confirm the identity of the individual registering.
Automatically registering ineligible voters. States would be required to register anyone who registered for welfare or obtained a driver’s license. Other provisions of the bill would prevent the states from removing ineligible voters from the voting rolls. Taken together these provisions would ensure the registration of illegal aliens and allow them to vote.
Requiring states to allow convicted felons to vote.
Requiring votes to be counted outside the precinct where they are cast. This means local jurisdictions would lose the ability to protect the integrity of the vote.
Changing the composition of the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The FEC is currently a non-partisan entity composed of six members, three from each major party. It would be changed to five members with one party having a majority and therefore control. Since the bill making this change is intended to be passed in a Democratically-controlled Congress, the Democratic Party would have three members on the FEC and thereby take full control of all election law nationwide.

Chapman is the former Director of the Voting Rights Program for an organization called the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. (LCCHR). This is a left-wing organization closely aligned with the Democratic Party. In 2017, Vanita Gupta the President of LCCHR described it as the “nerve center” and the “heart of” the resistance to President Donald Trump. The LCCHR has taken huge amounts of money from radical, leftist organizations including George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

The LCCHR also works closely with the Brennan Center for Justice. The Brennan Center is also heavily funded by Soros.

National Center General Counsel, Justin Danhof, has described the Brennan Center this way. “The Brennan Center is a George Soros-funded extreme advocacy group that appears willing to fight all meaningful efforts to combat voter fraud. It should be regarded as such.”

What happened in November 2020 was not the end of anything. It was only the beginning of a concerted effort to transform the electoral process and create the conditions under which the Democratic Party will never lose an election again. We are witnessing, in broad daylight, the theft of our democracy, and a Republican-controlled legislature is sitting idly by watching it all happen.

Think 2020 was bad? You haven’t seen anything yet. Unless we move quickly, 2022 will be the year of the big steal in Pennsylvania.