Pennsylvania Republicans Slumber While The Democratic Machine Lays The Groundwork For One-Party Rule


Leigh Chapman is the new Secretary of State for Pennsylvania. In that role, she is supposed to function as the impartial guardian of the integrity of the ballot box. Her job, theoretically, is to guarantee fair elections. Her real job, though, is to guarantee that the Democratic Party wins in Pennsylvania in 2022 and beyond.

Chapman comes to her new job from a career as a Democratic Party operative pushing an aggressive, transformative agenda. The desired end state is clear – transform the electoral process into one which will guarantee one-party rule in perpetuity.

Say what you want about Chapman. She works for a living. Having barely settled into her new office, she has already moved to head off an ongoing investigation of voting machines in Fulton County, Pennsylvania. The immediate issue is whether or not a court will allow inspection of voting machines used in Fulton County in 2020.

The Democratic Party wants to prevent any such inspection. Now Chapman has brought in Ryan Macias to function as an “expert” and provide testimony in opposition to the request to inspect the machines. Macias is being presented to the court as having ‘technical expertise’ and being able to support the idea that inspection of the machines by the wrong people will destroy them and/or produce invalid results.

Macias’ qualifications as an expert appear dubious at best. He does not appear to have any real technical background in a relevant field. His qualifications as a Democratic Party hack and part of an ongoing nationwide effort to bury the truth about what happened in 2020 appear impeccable.

Macias is part of a group called the “National Task Force on Election Crises.” It represents that it is part of a non-partisan effort to preserve electoral integrity. That is not its mission at all. Its mission is to push the Democratic Party agenda of transforming elections by stripping away safeguards, allowing felons to vote, federalizing elections, allowing voting without any identification, allowing same-day registration, etc.

Macias has already been brought in by the Democrats in Arizona, Michigan, and Georgia. His role in all these places was to push the narrative that there was nothing to investigate. In Arizona, he famously talked himself onto the floor of the convention center where the audit was being conducted representing that he was a member of the press. That was a lie.

Now the Democrats have requested that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court find that only Macias should be allowed to touch the election machines in Fulton County. According to the affidavit supporting this request, only Macias, the man without any known technical degree, has the expertise to inspect the machines in question.

As noted above, Macias works for an outfit called the National Task Force on Election Crises. This group was actually stood up prior to the 2020 election to push the narrative that it was the Republicans who were trying to steal the election and that any effort to ensure voting integrity constituted a racist attempt to suppress the vote.

The apparent head of this “Task Force” is Jim Baker. He was formerly the General Counsel for the FBI. As such, Baker was at the heart of the effort to frame General Flynn and to push the false Russiagate narrative against President Trump.

Baker told Congress that the FBI colluded with DNC attorney Michael Sussmann before Fusion GPS was hired to author false allegations against Donald Trump. Sussmann provided Baker with documents and electronic media, tainted evidence that was used to gain a warrant to spy on opposition Republicans. It is rumored that Baker will turn states’ evidence and testify against Sussmann at his upcoming trial.

Baker was forced out of the FBI in 2018 based on accusations of his participation in the efforts directed at both Flynn and Trump. He subsequently became lead counsel for Twitter and was involved with Twitter’s efforts to suppress reporting on Joe Biden’s collusion with Burisma and suppression of an investigation into the Ukrainian firm’s corrupt business practices.

Multiple other significant figures in the “Task Force” are members of the Brennan Center for Justice. This organization represents itself as having the non-partisan agenda of ensuring election integrity. In fact, it is a leftist organization pushing a partisan agenda.

The Brennan Center gets funding from a long list of liberal foundations. The biggest source of money for the Center is George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. The Center is part of the Democracy Alliance, a massive dark money liberal fundraising network.

After the 2016 election, the Brennan Center became a center of opposition to the Trump administration. It was named as part of a “resistance network” dedicated to opposing Trump’s policies.

Leigh Chapman was brought in to be Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State for one reason, to guarantee that Pennsylvania goes Democratic in 2022 and beyond. She is already moving aggressively, with the help of her compatriots in the broad Democratic machine, to make sure that happens. Meanwhile, there has been not a word from the Republican establishment in Harrisburg. Even as the groundwork is being laid for fraud on a massive scale – again – the GOP remains seemingly oblivious.

The Democrats are moving with dispatch and purpose. The Republican Party continues to slumber.