Hosni Mubarak on trial

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Is the globe on a witch hunt following Saddam?

Without the trial of the century so many wanted with Osama Bin Laden, there is more than a local, but global desire to watch cruel dictators get imprisoned, humiliated, and perhaps ultimately put to death. While certainly, not on the same scale, there was a sense of satisfaction for many recently to watch Rupert Murdoch stand before the British Government "humbled" and apologetic. Of course Murdoch is no Mubarak, and the killings that took take place under his regime are certainly cause for much more anger, hatred, and thirst for revenge.

I think in many ways we want to focus on these trials, and the citizens that lived under these regimes certainly want vengeance, but more importantly, those that topple their governments like those in Egypt, must think long and hard about where they go from here.

Is it a game of replacing one crazed dictator with another? Or does the opportunity to begin true cultural, economic and societal revolution coincide with the passing of a former government, proven incapable of withstanding itself against throngs of determined and fed up citizens. Will changes in human rights genuinely take place? Will information and freedom of press be allowed to flourish? Will an opportunity to end a chapter and open a new one take place in real, concrete ways.

These are the struggles the middle-east must deal with now. Perhaps in many ways toppling a leader is the easy part. The challenge is knowing what to do after.

Perhaps up in the northern, quiet meadows of Norway we can find an example. A country coping with their own shock and realization that they too are not isolated or free of the conflicts that scar the rest of the globe. Yet, from the Prime Minister, from the people, and almost universally across the country we're observing a certain calm. A desire not to rush into witch hunts and radical chopping off of heads. The youth camps are still in full swing, the calm and openness to cultural diversity has not been dampened by a madman's attempt to disrupt the nation and spur panic. Added security, in a reasonable manner is being implemented, but with thought and deeply considered analysis. There doesn't seem to be any Patriot Act equivalent on the table for Norway, even when given the circumstances it would be easy to imagine that one could.

Perhaps, the best thing for the world, is to look beyond the dictator and his trial, but toward the future of the country he has ravaged for so long. What kind of Egypt do the people want? How can the Egyptians prevent a new Mubarak from ever taking power again? What can the world community do to help and to ensure that this revolution isn't just a shuffling of the same cards, but a complete change of the game being played?

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