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Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin
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Los Angeles is filled with conservatives posing as Liberals

When Hollywood comes to mind we think of a lot of things. Movies, TV, glamour, sunlight, smog, and smug elitist liberalism. Not that liberalism is always smug or elitist, but I think it's safe to say the LA kind seems more like a fashion trend than a well-thought out policy position shared by like minded individuals.

Actors without political experience of any kind are more than willing to lecture America on what to eat, how terrible the conservative gun-totin' yokels of the South and Midwest are, and why out in Cali, they're all just a little "ahead of the curve." Actually, beneath all the Botox, veneers, wigs, and facelifts, there's a hidden underbelly of conservatism in tinsel town, and some of the most conservative in town may surprise you, because in Hollywood coming out gay, or Scientologist, or drugged up doesn't shock anyone. But coming out conservative? That's something to be concerned about.

Sure there are the obvious Republicrats. Former Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger ran as a Republican, but ended his term as a liberal, pro-environment, pretty center of the road guy - not afraid to raise a few taxes, veto gay marriages, and anger quite a few from both sides of the political spectrum. Like Mayor Bloomberg of New York, he's in an odd category that blurs the party line and on any given issue could surprise you. Beyond, the "maverick" types however, are the true conservatives. The guys and gals that love acting but maybe didn't mind Bush, or a little tax break or two. The ones that smile for the camera with hipster tight jeans, but drive to work with Rush Limbaugh blaring through their SUV's top of the line sound system.

So ignoring The Gipper, there's a fair number of conservatives hiding out in LA's land of "YES WE CAN!" Clint Eastwood, for instance was Republican Mayor of Carmel, CA. He's not a wishy washy one either, supported McCain in 2008, much to the horror of The Academy. Bruce Willis considers himself Republican, and was even an invited speaker at the 2000 Republican National Convention, endorsing and speaking in favor of... Yes... George W. Bush. A name in Hollywood worse than Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, and Charles Manson combined.

You've got Jerry Bruckheimer. Let's not forget John Voight, initial 2008 Guiliani supporter, eventually backing McCain. His conservatism definitely doesn't help, talk about massive family contrast when you take his daughter, noteworthy liberal UN Goodwill Ambassador, and third world adoptoholic, Angelina Jolie. Chuck Norris supported Huckabee in 08. The late Dennis Hopper was a Republican.

Sure you've got many more, Dennis Miller, Reba McEntire, Two and a Half Men star, Jon Cryer, the beloved Kelsey Grammar (who has poked fun of his Republican stripes in the form of Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons), Patricia Heaton. Perhaps to me, the most surprising though. Adam Sandler. What in Billy Madison screams conservative? What's more interesting and will be fascinating to watch are the liberals that are growing tired of Obama. What will they do? Matt Damon's recent political protest in front of the White House on behalf of teachers and talks with Piers Morgan illustrates a frustration with what he sees as a lack of liberalism. When you find your guy isn't liberal enough do you still vote for him? Or do you switch sides? Or run yourself? Get ready, we might have some interesting candidates in the near future. There's been talk of a Mayor Alec Baldwin. We saw Al Franken go from SNL star to Minnesota Senator, and a host of stars willing to talk politics, and spearhead causes to great lengths like George Clooney, even if he'll only play a candidate for President in the movies.

Besides actors truly are the best at the real game of politics anyway. Fabricating the illusion that you truly care about something.

And then there's Megan Fox.

Megan Fox
Megan Fox

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