Leave glenn Beck Alone

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Without his rants and raves on Fox, it's time to let it go.

I am by no means a fan Mr. Beck. On FoxNews he validated the insane fears of an already volatile, and scared nation. Instead of caring about Americans, which is actually all America really is - a group of people, he cared more about finding the next thing he could scare the heck out of people with. While constantly crying about his love of the nation, there seemed to be only hate for those that disagreed with his views, and very little true concern for those that did. Instead of encouraging true thought, he only enraged, angered and created conflict to sell more books, gold, and whatever weird things Glenn Beck fans buy. Strands of his hair? I don't know.

That being said, he's a radio host again, has his little subscriber thing, and is no longer on News Corp's main line up, which was replaced with The Five and actually has a smart, articulate liberal hosting the show, Bob Beckel. Granted he's got four other right wingers to deal with, but for Fox that's an intersting change to give a witty guy like Beckel airtime. He doesn't hold back, he's a prominent guy on the show despite being the man with a twig in a lion's pit, he's got the brains and wit to keep everyone else from tearing him to pieces. This is no Alan Colmes.

I supported the efforts to encourage FoxNews to take Glenn Beck off the air. I find their across the board reporting to be dishonest, slanderous, insulting, offensive, and downright un-American BUT it's a free country and most of us know where the network stands on the issues.

Beck was a little different, because he didn't just validate GOP madness, but every weekday stopped short of calling our President a puppet of a socialist / communist / fascist type George Soros government takeover. He scared people already on the edge into madness. News networks, even Fox should have a responsibility to know when to stop and Beck to me was the line. What do you put on after Beck? Reverend Terry Jones with the "Why Islam is Evil" hour? Or KKK Bob, in the "No Blacks Zone?" The hatred, racism, madness, rage, and fear spewing out of Becks mouth was damaging to this nation in a very real way. I believe it helped push the Tea Party into the maddening state they are today, and helped even create this even more polarized environment in Washington where even a simple debt ceiling agreement can't be passed to keep the nation's credit line stable. Save the expense debate for the elections, don't downgrade the whole country just to make a point.

Anyway, despite all of these things, this isn't Soviet Russia and I commend Fox for having taken Glenn Beck off the air - TV is too legitimate a platform for this man, and I commend the efforts of everyone that worked to pressure on sponsors to stop supporting him. Now, he's back to the crazy sideshow land of radio where he belongs. Him alongside, Rush, Hannity, Alex Jones, Imus and the morning show buffoons. Without his validation from FoxNews, we can rest and allow free speech to be free speech. If people want to pay money to hear his rantings from his subscription model, so be it. Why throw away your money to simply be misinformed by a cynical, pinhead? I don't know. But then again, I don't get why people would ever pay to watch a fake wrestling match, or real boxing match that lasts two minutes.

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