Who's Running Washington?

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Campaining is top priority. Running the country is second.

I think Obama Bus Force One probably is bigger evidence than ever before that we are in perpetual campaign mode in this country. Our politicians are crippled, unable to make real choices to benefit this nation, and are basically stuck trying to appease an impatient public, and a hungry news media for sensational stories before getting to work and doing real things. We have a Republican Party that would just as well watch the economy go down the tank to get Obama out of office, and a White House, unable to inspire a common sense of purpose or cause that Americans will rally behind. Instead, we're stuck. We have a lame duck session in the first term. Even in scheduling a joint session of congress to discuss a date, Republicans and Democrats couldn't agree and the press loves it. Read around and you'll find stories of how Republicans are bullying him around into other dates. Originally slated for the Sept. 7th, now on Sept. 8th, Republicans called the day, Obama went along with it. To me, this is not a huge story.

If Republicans really are trying to push him around with by changing a speech date, it shows a pettiness in the whole party right now, and a lack of just how ready they really are to lead. If not, then it was just a scheduling discussion between two comparable and gridlocked powers, the congress and our executive branch - nothing that shocking. I don't see why the press doesn't just find out, if they say it isn't, then I would go with that option. I don't think you're really hurting the President that badly by changing the joint session of congress speech by one day. What will matter is if when they do get together if anything can be done. If Obama can find a common purpose and cause for everyone to rally behind and if Republicans are willing to tout accomplishments of bipartisanship and accomplishment over worrying that they might see a President have some success, thus hurting their shots at re-election.

I always wonder why we even have two terms for the Presidency, it feels like one would be better. Just give one term, six years, call it a day, and get at least the President out of campaign mode and into just work. Maybe something like that would actually be possible to pass if we actually had a system of government capable of passing bills. However with the recent debt ceiling debacle, it would seem evident even the most simple of things are now impossible to do. Is Washington broken many ask? I'm not sure broken is the right term, but it's Washington definitely needs of a reboot. We need to have the bipartisan majority of the voices of reason speak up.

We have extremes on each side of the spectrum, and the particularly extreme and uncompromising Tea Party, but we don't have a united middle. Republicans with more seasoned experience, the ones that understand that in order to pass real policy, you need to learn the art of negotiation are caving in to freshmen with ideologies that result in nothing happening. Maybe nothing happening is great politically. Maybe each side thinks. Obama and the Democrats can claim Republicans held the system hostage, Republicans can claim the exact same. I think more than party, we can now safely say we need to have a unification of the moderates. Those that would rather see America survive another day than collapse on the grounds of some rigid, unbending ideology. This isn't 1940s Japan folks, let's not become a kamikaze nation here. We can save this thing if we, the people, demand it. Instead of giving applause points each time someone sticks it to the other side, let's applaud when Washington gets something valuable done. Let's applaud when politicians look beyond districts and blue states and red states, but see the entire United States, and the dismal situation of a country without direction. We've gotten through difficult divisions before, it is not impossible to get through this one.

This is one campaign bus with no one at the wheel, headed for the ditch, and unfortunately our futures and America's livelihood are the passengers. We've gotta' rush the bus, get the drunken driver away from the wheel and steer this thing back on a road to... Something.

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