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My Inner Brit Calls Her 'Bloody Beautiful'

I just examined the picture of Nina Dobrev, Canadian citizen since the age of two, and Slavic (like me). It's enough to cause me to break out in a halting yet sincere tributary singing of Oh, Canada! in both English and French.

Born Bulgarian and naturalized Canadian, she's notable for other trinities less automatic than pulchritude: She's trilingual, speaking English, French and Bulgarian; She's one of three other stars of American film/tv to play dual roles. Here, she's in the high-profile company of Leonardo diCaprio in The Man in the Iron Maks and Bette Davis in A Stolen Life).

In that dual role, she's a vampire involved in a time-jumping love triangle with two male vamps. But her activities off the screen tell us more about the nonfiction version of this talented Slav. She's quite athletic, having competed for Canada in the Aesthetic Group Gymnastics, a 100 year-old sport (especially popular in former Easter Bloc countries like Estonia) that had its first competition internationally in 2000. Think 30's musicals by Busby Berkeley, or synchronized swimming. Apparently, it's quite demanding physically and speaks well of her abilities to work seamlessly with others and is rather unique for actors of any age -- of course, time's not an issue for vampires, and she may have had that whole century or so to practice.

One final observation from a fellow Slav (whose name in Czech means 'truth', sooo): it seems that emigres from formerly repressed nations have a certain maturity not often seen in America ; I attribute this to the absence of the phenomenon known as 'being cool', what I call the Elvis equation. These good folk, having largely escaped the negative effects of this rite of passage (if it passes at all; see: facelifts) and are able to concentrate upon more worthwhile pursuits. Example: along with her castmates from 'Degrassi', Dobrev built a school in Kenya. Brava.

Don't get me wrong, I loved/love the King, however, he's left the building for good (despite perpetual sightings) and, well, unless he's a vampire too, he and his entourage of millions (including this writer) haven't had time to grow up.

You and I will eventually grow up, and grow wiser watching this particular version of eternal values become flesh... and blood.

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