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Herman Cain's memory seems a bit dodgy for the Presidency.

Presidential contender Herman Cain's memory seems a tad foggy when it comes to some things you really shouldn't forget. When asked repeatedly about details of sexual harassment charges his repeated "lack of recollection" is already proving his lack of qualifications for the job -- assuming his complete lack public office experience wasn't already sufficient for that. The Republican case for Cain is truly one that makes even less sense than anything. Obama is terrible because he's unqualified, inexperienced, and in over his head. Let's find an even less qualified guy, following the mold of Bush policy that worked so wonderfully to get this country back on track. Right?

I always try to give people benefit of the doubt, but Herman Cain's lack of memory when it comes to sexual harassment charges is proof enough of something missing either in his head, or his degree of character. This should not be an issue of remembering, this should be an issue of being able to comfortably say, he has never, would never, and will never treat women in the way he is being accused of having treated them.

His emphasis has not been on the severity of the allegations, but on remembering specific people -- This is not unlike Anthony Wiener miraculously being unsure if a picture of his underwear with his crotch was or wasn't his. One of those things you just think you'd recollect, yeah?

Therein lies the problem for Mr. Cain. It won't matter who you do or don't remember if you can't remind Americans why we should trust you.

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