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Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria
Eva Jacqueline Longoria, born March 15, 1975, is an American actress, producer, director, activist and businesswoman. Longoria's career began in 1998, when she won the title of Miss Corpus Christi, and later began entering talent contests that led her to Los Angeles; shortly after, she was spotted and signed by a theatrical agent. | Eva Longoria, Actress, Producer, Director, Legs, Red, Heels, Sexy,

Over Her Dead Body (flashback)

AND: What have you been doing with your down-time?
Eva Longoria: I've actually had a great time because I've been home. Being a newlywed, it's been fun to be home and married. I've been cooking and eating, and cooking and eating. I keep telling everybody I've gained like ten pounds just being on strike.

AM: You certainly don't see it on you.
EL: Well, you haven't seen my butt. [Laughs] ...And basketball games--it's nice to actually see all of them. Usually I only see half, and now I'm traveling with Tony. I'm going everywhere and just watching. It's been good.

AM: Is the weight being put on because you are pregnant?
EL: No, I am not pregnant. I put on the weight because I've been eating too much. [Laughs] We'd love to have children, but it will happen when it happens.

AM: Where is your life going? Do you want to do more movies, even with a hit TV show? Can you do both?
EL: Yeah, I do them at the same time. I did this one during Desperate Housewives, just going back and forth. Television is such a machine--really efficient and really fast. It's a lot of work when we do Desperate Housewives. It's 14 pages a day. We don't have any time in your trailer. You are constantly going back and forth, back and forth, and it's a lot of work in one day. Then I would go to the movie--my days on the movie, and it was like vacation. It was like two pages a day. I watched movies in the trailer, I was crocheting, and Tony [Parker] was here the whole time. He was with me the whole time in the trailer. He was like, "I like you to do movies," because he has more time with me.

AM: Do you and Tony like to go out or stay at home to eat?
EL: Tony and I are fine-diners. I cook a lot out of French cookbooks. My motto is "If you can read, then you can cook." [Laughs] I can do any recipe. We went to a restaurant one time and Tony loved the potato puree. It was like the greatest potato puree ever. I asked the chef, "Can I have the recipe?" and he was like, "Yeah, come on in the back." He went to the back and showed me how he did it. It is so much work to make a potato puree. [Laughs] That is why they give you so little in restaurants, because it takes so much time to make that, but we just liked it. We like to eat, be at home, and be really homey and domestic. Because Desperate Housewives works ten months of the year, then I usually do a movie in the hiatus and I'm always working year-round. For the strike to come around, it was nice for someone to go, "You have to stop working." For TV people, it was like, "Oh, okay. We get a break." But now I'm like, "Oh, okay, we need to go back to work."

AM: Do you go to Tony's away games?
EL: Yeah, I went to Denver and, of course, the Clippers.

AM: Many people I know spotted you in Cleveland.
EL: I have to say that Cleveland had the nicest fans. It was one of the nicest arenas we went to, and that was fun.

AM: You sit pretty high up in the stands.
EL: Yeah, I like to be up high. I hate to be on the floor. I hate to be down low. I need to be up high.

AM: Do you sit higher up so that people don't stare at you all the time?
EL: No, I just feel like I am too close to the game and I can't see everything. I want to be a little higher and looking down.

AM: Where do you sit at movie theaters?
EL: In the back--the back, back row. In the back row in the middle.

AM: For the fourth year, you've made askmen.com's Top 99 list of women for 2008. How does that made you feel, being married and being thought of as a sexy woman?
EL: I think I probably climbed in the ratings because I married Tony Parker. They were like, "Cool! Sports guy!" All of that is really flattering and fun. Somebody asked me earlier how it feels to be called sexy and make all these lists. I said, "Well, I guess it's better than the alternate lists, like the 'Not so Hot of the Year.'" [Laughs] I would rather make those hot lists.
AM: Where would you like to go if you could go anywhere in the world?
EL: Definitely Dubai, yeah. Tony and I were deciding for our honeymoon between Dubai and Turks and Caicos. We ended up doing Turks and Caicos because it was a shorter flight back and I had to get back to work. Dubai is definitely top--the first on our list to go. And I can't wait to go to Africa.

AM: When you were asked to play a character that is a high-powered and driven woman in this movie, what did you say? Are there roles you wouldn't play because they are too close to Gabrielle?
EL: Yeah, that was probably my biggest challenge--differentiating Gabrielle and Kate. I thought a little bit that people might think they are similar in their bitchy-ness. I thought that Kate was way more justified. She lost the man. She dies on her wedding day, lost the man she loved, and she just wasn't ready to give it up. I would be the exact same way. I told Tony, "I would totally haunt you and not move on."

AM: You would be as jealous?
EL: I would totally not let him move on. I would stick around like, "Um, you're not moving on till I move on. We are in this life, and the after life, and the next, next life."

AM: What is the craziest thing you've done for love?
EL: I haven't really done anything like that. I've never been dead. [Laughs]

AM: Since you can go to as many of Tony's games as possible, have you ever left the set after a 14-hour day to fly home to Texas for a game?
EL: Oh yeah, but that, to me, is like normal.

AM: Not for a lot of people.
EL: I fly. I've gotten off at 11 o'clock at night and gotten on a flight at midnight, just to get home in time for breakfast. I flew to Switzerland one night for dinner. I flew from L.A. to Switzerland and I surprised Tony, I had dinner, and then I flew back the next day.

AM: That works.
EL: That is kind of our norm because of our schedules. I don't mind flying. I love flying because I sleep, so it's probably one of the only times I get a good sleep. I get to sleep, I get to read, and there is no phone. I love red-eyes. People are like, "Why are you taking the red-eye?" I love red eyes because you can fall asleep and you are in Australia the next day. It's the greatest thing ever.

AM: Your character in Over Her Dead Body loves the guy she was with. It was a nice triangle.
EL: I am so glad you say that because sometimes I think my biggest challenge was differentiating her from Gabrielle. They can both be a little bitchy, but I felt like Kate was really validated in her anger and in her displeasure. She dies on her wedding day to the man she loves, and she doesn't want to let him go. She doesn't know when to let go. That is her journey through the movie-it's, "Okay, I have to let go."

AM: When Tony was on the set, did he meet Paul Rudd to check him out?
EL: To size him up? [Laughs] Yeah, Tony was on set the whole time of this movie. That is really rare, but he loves Paul Rudd and is a big fan. Tony's a big movie buff. He watches everything.

AM: Did he go with you to Lower Learning too?
EL: Yeah, he was there at Lower Learning.

AM: Was Tony on the set when you kissed Jason Biggs?
EL: No, he wasn't there that day. It's so funny. I told Lake [Bell], I said, "I had to kiss Jason." She was like, "I know, me too."

AM: Jason had a completely different attitude.
EL: It was funny because we have all known each other for so long. Lake and I have been friends for years, way before this movie. And Biggs is just hilarious. I love him.

AM: Jason mentioned you wore a cheerleader costume in a flashback sequence for Lower Learning.
EL: Oh my God, Jason and I had so much fun doing Lower Learning. It is a slapstick comedy. Really, I can't explain the humor it is. It's just really intelligent and witty. He has loved me since, like, kindergarten and so we have all these flashbacks. I have braces, pigtails, and we did that to do the photo shoots for all of that stuff. I had '80s hair for my prom picture. It was fun.

AM: Did you like dressing up in the crazy costumes?
EL: Yeah, picking those dresses was like, "This is so ugly--who would wear this?"

AM: How would you describe your personal style? You didn't dress up for today, but what would you normally wear?
EL: Jeans, sweats-every day I'm in sweats. My definition of style is comfort. I have to be comfortable. I have to be.

AM: You are also a football fan. Is it easier for a celebrity to date a sports hero? I mean, what advice would you have for Jessica Simpson?
EL: I think it's very odd that she's dating a Number 9 and a Tony. She's a single white female. [Laughs.] No, I love my Jessica. When I started dating Tony, I got the same flack. This was so many years ago, so people don't remember. If he had a bad game, it was my fault. If he got injured, it was my fault. If he had a good game, it wasn't because of me. Believe me, they are not thinking about us when they are on the field, I think--particularly Tony Romo who has ten linemen coming at him. I don't think he's really thinking about Jessica at the moment that he's about to get sacked. You have to weather that for a while, and once people get over it, then they kind of get used to you. Particularly with The Spurs or Cowboys and big teams, the fans feel like they own them--like, "That's our team. Who are you to come into our team?" It takes a while to be accepted by that community. It's truly a whole other subculture.

AM: Do you watch baseball?
EL: No, I think watching baseball is like watching paint dry. [Laughs]

AM: Superbowl picks...?
EL: I want Cowboys and he likes Patriots.

AM: At home, are you environmentally friendly?
EL: Oh yeah, everything.

AM: What's the most environmentally friendly thing?
EL: Well, we are building our house now. We are building it with recycled wood. All of our lights are the long-lasting halogen lights. All of our closets are sensor lights, so when you are in the closet, it's on and when you are not, then it's off.

AM: Any solar panels?
EL: We are going to install that for part of the house. You can't do it with a certain roof. Solar panels are not as easy as you would think. All of our water is recycled for the lawn for all of the irrigation. Then we use the Next Generation products--the cleaning products--so that all the water can go through. All the water is filtered in our house, so we won't have bottled water. It's a fight. A lot of people don't want to change, and it was a fight with our builders. Our air conditioning system is this new Mitsubishi system and it's amazing. It costs a lot more to have, but it's worth it over 20 years.

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