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Bill O'Reilly's weakness in the area of foreign policy

I want to thank Bill O'Reilly for the multiple re-airings last week of his interview with Barack Obama that occurred prior to the election, especially the comments that both Dick Morris and Dennis Miller had to make after the interview. I don't know if Bill was trying to embarrass his buddies for what turned out to be completely off-base remarks, showing them to be the clueless pundits we all suspected, or to own up to how wrong he and most of Fox were, or if he just has a sense of humor, but the show was great to see in light of the outcome of the election.

I am sure many a Republican (real Republican I mean) has now realized that a party that celebrates narrow and indeed uneducated thinking will eventually fail as Americans are smarter than the "small town values" (whatever that means) they tried to sell us. That Sarah Palin's lack of knowledge, apparent disinterest in reading, back woods mentality was considered the fine makings of a President while Barack Obama's intellect and education was presented as "elitist", must now appear to be completely stupid. "What were we thinking" must be the thought rife in Republican ranks.

Watching the show again, I was reminded of Bill's weakness in the area of foreign policy where he has little aptitude due to an apparent lack of understanding mentalities other than his own. I suppose a bit of arrogance works well on TV, as others less intelligent than Bill have also found. Thoughtful deliberations taking time to think things through tend to be boring and don't make the good sound bites necessary for ratings clout. I wish Barack had answered with some facts to shatter some of the more outlandish statements but he was probably wise not to given the O'Reilly audience.

The most telling point was his statement that, should the Iranians get the atomic bomb, they would give it to terrorists. "Why wouldn't they?" Well Bill, as anyone from the Middle East or knowledgeable of the people of the region could tell you, the very last thing the Iranians would do would be to give a nuclear weapon to a terrorist group. In the first place, possession of a nuclear weapon puts one in a very exclusive club at a vast expense. There is great prestige to being in this club with the other big boys. Letting some mickey mouse terrorist group (in the big picture, that's what they all are) into the club would be anathema to the Iranians after going to so much trouble to become a nuclear power.

Even more to the point, in such basically tribal societies you trust no one outside your small group as a matter if inbred policy, and know that terrorists, by their nature, are not dependable and are just as likely to use a bomb against their fellow countrymen and local government as they are against America or anyone else. Besides, the whole point of possessing a nuclear weapon is to prevent attack not to start an attack. It is as scary a possession for the owner as to the counterpart on the other side who also owns one. Hence the Red phone between the USSR and the USA. No Bill, Why wouldn't they? Because it would go against every grain and fiber of their bodies to do so, that's why.

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