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Obama Forcing Capitalism

In the absurd fear mongering of "nationalization" = socialism and somehow that leads (according to Beck) to a Nazi police state it is completely forgotten that the Obama government is not taking over companies out of some political moral imperative. I.e., that socialism is the just course for a society, he is doing it because there is no other institution strong enough to step into the breach and try to solve the problems we face. Indeed if he did nothing the Republicans would be screaming that he was doing nothing.

The danger to any political ideology is the belief that it is absolutely the way even when it is apparent it is not working. Socialism garnered such blind faith in the 60-70s in England and because of the refusal to bend failed miserably to deliver the promise its adherents believed it would. Margaret Thatcher brought common sense into the equation and forced socialism into adapting to the reality of what makes the British brain tick. England still maintains "socialist" elements and even the Conservatives in England would not have it any other way.

What Obama is in fact doing is forcing "Capitalism" to adapt to the reality of the US brain where greed was allowed to get completely out of hand at the top of so many companies and a large part of the citizenry as well. Out of necessity he is applying common sense to "capitalism" the exact same way as Margaret Thatcher applied common sense to socialism. Both reacted to dire necessity of a system in serious need of a rethink. The idea that socialism was inherently good was just as silly back then as the idea that capitalism is inherently good now. Blind support is what got each of these social concepts into trouble. The Republicans by not seeing this are just digging a bigger and bigger hole. In the UK the Labor party realized the game was up, got with the program, essentially adopted and adapted the Conservative ideology and now have been in power for over a decade. The LABOR PARTY!!! If the Republicans do not wise up -- directed by such infantile brains as Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh -- they will terminate as a party of any significance at all. The only good thing is they did step into the breach in one area very well. As political comedians all across America were fearful that the Obama Presidency would afford precious little comedic fodder to maintain their careers along came this pack of rabid Republicans to give them heaps of juicy material. I am sure John Stewart, Colbert, and so many others must be extremely thankful of that.

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