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Equating the DVM to Gov.

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Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys

I find it really interesting that there is a real effort by the "right" to equate the DMV with the Government in general. We are told if Government runs health care it is going to be like going to the DMV -- long lines, inefficiencies, mistakes etc. No mention that the employees at the DMV have modest standards of entry as they do not need to be graduates from Harvard to do that job. No mention that the pay is low, certainly not enough to hire a doctor. No mention that if the pay was raised, the standards for the education level required by the employees was raised, and most of all they were given sufficient staff numbers the DMV could run at least as well as companies in the private sector -Lets not talk about AIG, General Motors, and many other big names in the private sector who run such a "great" business.

The Government also runs the FAA -how many planes crash a year? A minute amount so why not use the FAA to equate with Government? The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, all who receive praise from the right on a daily basis, what about equating them with government? What is extraordinary is that the right is so busy talking up the private sector where salaries are in many cases quite outrageous as we have seen on Wall Street and downgrading the Government where salaries are a joke AND don't want to pay even that as harp like a broken record to "cut taxes" 24-7. The old adages that "you get what you pay for", and "you pay peanuts you get monkeys" does not seem to figure in their reasoning.

The Reality is the Republicans have given up on Government so want to cut, cut, cut and more cut. Of course in that path Government will be low grade. If they decided to encourage better Government, like better teachers, by giving incentives that the private sector offers, like attractive wages, training etc there is every possibility that Government could deliver better and better. Frankly I do not want to listen to a party that fights to be in power in the government while at the same time belittling that line of work. I would much rather back a party and a leader that says Government is not the only answer, and not necessarily the best answer but it CAN be an answer, one option on the table and there is no reason Government cant get better if we put our minds to it as a nation. We need as many options on the table in a crisis as possible. The Republicans offer no options and no question their opinion of Government was a self fulfilling prophecy under the Bush years. The Obama Presidency offers us the possibility that Government can be used more effectively and puts another option on the table as a way to improve the lives of the average American. The Rush Limbaugh Republicans offer us nothing but wishing our President to fail -- which is EXACTLY the same as wishing our country to fail.

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