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The King has no clothes: A look back

The final years of President Bush certainly moved us into the world of noticing on several fronts that "The King has no clothes" and a general revelation of false gods. For that we should thank Bush. The stupidity and falsehoods of the Iraq misadventure and the fear mongering from types like VP Chaney and right wing pundits began falling on deaf ears as Americans began to see the light. What had "won" the election for Bush the second term, did not work again and the country went for the man selling a new vision. The Republican 'National Security God' had proven to be false, silly and one dimensional.

On the Economic front the normal fiscal disciplines one associates with the Republicans also turned out to be completely false and we moved from a Democratic surplus to a trillion Dollar Republican deficit, and a bigger Government to boot. Turning to the Gods of our economic success, the capitalistic geniuses and industrial magnates who ran the country's business and who the Republicans always touted as better shepherds of our economy than Government ever would be, also turned out to be complete idiots. Meanwhile stalwart companies that were looked upon as basic building blocks of American economic success, General Motors to name but one, proved to be built on sand built on top of arrogance and myopic vision. What a mess they marched into and dragged us all in with them. All the while taking millions in bonuses for profits that were as real as Saddam's "weapons of mass destruction" turned out to be. Another bunch of false Gods exposed! Who is next? Watching Sean Hannity lately I think the next batch of false Gods to take a fall must be the right wing pundits who have so consistently babbled nonsense for a decade to the point that I think they actually believe the stuff. All of their mantra's have been exposed as without merit and their one dimensional sound bites now seem hollow and just plain negative for the sake of it. Gross miss-use of words such as "liberal," "terrorist," "democracy," "conservative," and "American" just don't play like they used to. Americans are looking deeper into meanings than glib labels placed by the now exposed know nothings of the right. Hannity seems to be loosing his marbles as he must sense that the ice under him is very thin and now people are beginning to notice. Desperation is creeping in.

I don't blame him, the game is soon to be up. On Fox one night, watching him argue with his ex-partner Alan Colmes about Bill Ayers who Colmes had interviewed asking questions about his radical "terrorist" days, it was apparent that Hannity was not interested in "understanding" where Ayers had been coming from in his youth to learn something about that mindset. Taking into consideration when the actions were taken and statements made, the man was 20 years old and we are 40 years on - he seemed to desperately WANT, to NEED to continue labeling the man as a terrorist for what he said 40 years ago. It was as if his credibility depended on it.

So much for the Christian ethic of forgiveness, giving the benefit of the doubt, cast the first stone, etc.

Then several days later he ranted about a mouse that Nancy Pelosi was "earmarking" to save in the stimulus bill and refused to believe when it was pointed out this was NOT in the bill, along with the other items he was railing about - He WANTED to believe these things. He NEEDED to believe these things to keep his sanity.

To not believe them means he has to look down and admit that the ice under him is nearly all melted and if he still is to remain clothed they will be completely wet. We watched a man loose his marbles. I would say the same for Rush Limbaugh but he apparently already lost his. People are beginning to equate such "Republican" representatives as the Bevis and Butthead entourage. Rush appears to go one step further; He has merged the two- he IS Bevis AND Butthead at the same time. For me, the final nail in his coffin was announcing he "wants Obama to fail". Some "American!" I for one will be very pleased to see this group of self professed experts be seen for what they really are, experts in mere opinions with no inhibitions about making loud pronouncements on the flimsiest of facts, suppositions or hearsay.

Now that Bush is gone, they are out there naked. Sorry guys, the gig is up. It would be nice if you all would just go quietly and stop all this pathetic ranting.

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