Dog day afternoon, 2012

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Why American Politics Would Keep Countless Nuns Praying 24/7

Welcome to politics, American style, where 2012 promises to make and break all records, including the putative 'records' kept somewhere out there by one or more deities who can summon a day of reckoning, and any day.

So, to pursue this arcane analogy a bit longer, let's say, for argument purposes, that we're all Hamlets, androgynous ones (it'll be fun scaring all those extreme folks, you know, the 'God-fearin ones), just to keep from flipping from 'he' to 'she'. We know that something's rotten in our version of Denmark: an inspirational King, long since murdered, succeeded by a series of lessers of all stripes who are thrilled to quote him and his memory while telling us that we are all 'kinsmen' in this here nation, where we're freer than ever... to swill beer, and consume, liberally, at that.

Meanwhile, all our Ophelias are so condemned to abuse and neglect that, despite those lesser figures we call leaders' efforts toward zero-tolerance of sexism, they're resigned to packing it in (save a few brave women who gladly embrace their lack of 'equality' with men, as do I) and getting to a you know what/where.

What to do, ponder we. We twittering torn, facing our electronic books so tattered, we pose the internal question, "To be silent, or not to be?"

We can't count on these leaders' agents and front groups to be hoisted fortuitously on their own petards, no, there are just too many Rosencrantz's and Guildensterns' ready and willing to nullify our voices through such nifty devices as voter suppression and unlimited TV prevarications, approved by the front men and women we habitually call our 'elected representatives' wannabe's.

Example: one Michele Bachmann, very much at home as our collective mother superior, tells us we've much to learn from the Chinese, 'heckuva buncha guys who know how to run a tight ship. Maybe they're our Fortinbras, with his liberating army, kinda like their name says, plain as all get out' you can hear her yelping in the cornfields of Iowa. She ponders whether to mention it, then does against her handlers' advice: 'Ya know, their name does include the words people and liberation!' See what I mean?!

So, as we queue up at those polls in 2012 remember, all you Hamlets, dogged by these imposters, must be cruel to our present and future 'leaders' only to be kind, your 'mad as Hell' credo when falsely accused of being unpatriotic:

"Let Hercules himself do what he may,
The cat will mew and dog will have his day."

PS: We know Ricky Perry won't see it coming.

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