Kardashian, of Kasablanca

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A Neutral Look At the Land That OJ Simpson Discovered

Mr. Warhol, himself a social climber with an exotic immigrant surname, put it best after having his pronouncement damned by the same fate that falls to top 40 radio songs--overplay. So, he decided to shake things up:

"Everyone will be famous IN 15 minutes!"
Had he lived, surely he'd have made short work of the many famous people, largely famous for being infamous. Presaging the real-time instant celebrity formula concocted in the offices of agents, managers and wannabe TV producers and show runners, Warhol would probably have given us the quarter hour update: "This is Andy calling, I want my words back."

Seriously, this is AmeriKa, sorry, America, and, well, since de Tocqueville we've been about making money; indeed, this is what set it apart for the better part of a century or so between the 1840s and 1940s. What is new, of course, is the ability to garner attention, regardless, it seems. of the root of that consequent celebrity.

And I think that, aye, there's the rub: what happened such that fame and infamy are largely interchangeable? When such status is unearned should those who have attained it be rewarded with 'earnings' thus gained?

This brings us to the so-called boycott of Kim
Does this simply call upon young men to disregard her? I'm reminded of the possibly greatest film ever made at Warner Bros. or anywhere, 'Casablanca'. Richard Blaine, the expat American proprietor of Rick's Cafe Americaine in distant Morocco, sits at his usual table, not too far from Sam's problematic piano. One Ugatti, played by the marvelous Peter Lorre, is imploring Rick to secure certain Letters of Transit, whilst Ugatti arranges their sale to anxious emigrants from Nazi Europe. Let's listen:

UGATTI: I simply perform a service for those unfortunate refugees seeking escape...
RICK: For a price, Ugatti, for a price...
UGATTI: I could sell these for far more than I plan, is that so...parasitic?
RICK: The rumor is that two Germans were murdered carrying certain Letters of Transit; is that true?
UGATTI: Let us just say that they were...liberated. Perhaps you will have a bit more respect for me, yes, Rick? You don't like me, do you Rick?
RICK: Well, if I gave you any thought, I wouldn't...

Wow, those twin brother screenwriters, the Epsteins, nailed it, my proposed point.

What does it say about us if we give this young woman any thought so as to form an opinion of her and what she does or doesn't do?

It strikes me that this boycott movement, while well-meaning, only feeds the bonfire of her vanities, such as they may be. The fact is that had her late father not been a close friend and incidental counsel to O.J. Simpson, would anyone be boycotting her, or I be writing this column?

As the great Bogart/Blaine might have said: "Here's (not) looking at you, kid."

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