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The flag of al Qaeda
The flag of al Qaeda
The flag of al Qaeda in the streets and fluttering atop Benghazi’s courthouse. | Flag, Al Qaeda, Benghazi,

Does Al Qaeda's Flag Mean Liberation in Libya is Flagging?

As was pointed out in my piece some time ago concerning the forebodings of the Arab Spring's uprisings, Sharia law may have surfaced in this 'on-the-cheap' NATO-led liberation undertaken in the name of humanitarian avoidance of a nation's civil war-like suicide. On that same topic, is our Western-valued concern for innocent human life an alphabetical thing and, well, we just haven't gotten to 'S' yet, as in Syria?

Combine these troubling reports with the deadly prospect of yet more internecine struggling only fueled by the plethora of arms still abundant amongst the populace, despite early talk of voluntary surrender to a governing authority.

And, while we wring our hands, remembering silently the Mother Mary style admonition about taking care when wishing for things as they may well come to pass, what can be done?

One of my favorite summaries of the human condition in general seems to apply, in spades: "Why should we believe that any superior, advanced species or society would have the slightest interest in interacting with one whose chief activity, throughout human history, has been tribal warfare?!" Physicist Stanton Friedman has, indeed, summed up this latest chapter. The West, having washed its hands of its humane duties, blessed by the U.N., will sit and rock, shaking its head, much like that paragon of cultural regression, Richard M. Nixon, who, in a less scholarly analysis, once dared anyone to name him one African country which was not a failed state.

Perhaps the greatest failure in this entire scenario, other than the obvious lack of even a rudimentary traditions of human rights for either gender whose tribe isn't just so, is the self-congratulatory media, whose intrepid journalists brave near-death to bring us viewership-generating imagery from across the world, where it's dark before our skies are (don't think that symbolism isn't exploited---'ooo, look at that, dark foreboding dangerous urban streets...'). When the story loses its 'legs', along with a dozen or so Arab or Persian persons literally lose theirs, and worse, we move on, like some drone in need of rebooting.

Apropos that last image, we drone on about how horrible it all is, then cut to the latest LA police chase, or Lady GaGa doing some pro bono gig on behalf of the suffering world.

Write a check on that U.S. bank to the Red Cross/Crescent's international arm, and faintly realize that most enemies lie within, and hope that some benevolent UFO from another, more evolved civilization will disobey Stanton Friedman's logic and save us from our tribal selves.

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