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Raw food
Raw food
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Why faux vegans suck

Most people get pretty pissed off when they first encounter a vegan, me included, especially during my younger dumber pre-vegan years - but nothing pisses people off more, vegans included, than faux vegans.

Sure it is incredibly tough to be a vegan unless you have the food finances, along with access to a high quality supply of produce, and have the time and know-how on how to thrive on a vegan diet.

But all of that aside, when it comes to veganism either you're a vegan or you're a meat eater trying to go vegetarian, or a vegetarian trying to go vegan. Nothing wrong with baby steps, prove to yourself and all those defenseless animals out there that you can become a vegetarian first, and then go for veganism.

As a vegan for over 15 years nothing has made me shudder more than watching in real life or on television some faux vegan talk about being vegan as they add yogurt to their hummus, honey to their tea, tuna in their salads, or ghee (clarified butter) on their buckwheat waffles; as they rant about peace for animals while they put on their leather Jimmy Choo shoes.

It makes my life that much more difficult as a real vegan, because non-vegans get the idea that vegans are only really vegans when it is convenient. Nothing could be further from the truth; most vegans are ultra disciplined, kind hearted, world conscious folks, who only want to dine on delicious things like organic fresh fruits, vegetables, berries, and nuts.

Veganism is about living a cruelty free life, as much as possible. Vegans are taking a stand against filthy inhuman and resource depleting practices like livestock farms. Vegans are going that extra mile to make sure there is no leather in our cars or in our clothing or homes, and vegans do this because we understand animals have a nervous system and brain, and feel pain and emotions just like we do.

Being a vegan is heavy stuff, and not something you would want to pretend to be anyhow. There is no glory for being a vegan unless you consider being ridiculed by 99% of people, while neurotically reading food labels as some sort of accolade. Sure vegans may live a healthier life, have a murder free conscious, feel great, and have hot bodies until late in their fifties ' but you actually have to be a vegan to experience all that, lying about it only makes you look like an asshole.

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