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Professor Mark D. Naison

Professor Mark D. Naison
Professor Mark D. Naison
Mark Naison (born 1946) is a professor of history at Fordham University in New York, and a former political activist who was a member of CORE and SDS in the 1960s. He is a graduate of Columbia University and holds a Ph. D. in American History. | Photo: AND Magazine | Mark Naison, Political Activist, Fordham,

Mark and Matt discuss education, and how to make it better.

Matt Sky invites Dr. Mark D. Naison, Professor of History at Fordham University to discuss corruption and the need for political reform in the American education system, and the Dump Duncan effort. Mark Naison has been a strong advocate of various causes over the years, a former member of CORE and SDS. He has sparred with talk-show hosts Bill O'Reilly on FoxNews, and appears regularly as a commentator on programs, having appeared on NPR, ABC News and many others. His blog, With a Brooklyn Accent covers his latest thoughts and ideas about life, education and politics. Mark Naison represents what a truly passionate educator can be.

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