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Ed Tyll
Ed Tyll
Edward Tyll (born February 6, 1956) is an American comedian and radio personality. He was born in The Bronx, New York USA the only child of Italian-Polish-American parents. He earned a B.S. in Sociology and briefly attended law school before becoming a talk radio host. | Photo: | Ed Tyll, Host, Activist, Radio, Talk Show, Politics,

Talk Radio Powerhouse

Ed Tyll and Matt Sky discuss an array of topics including immigration, healthcare, marijuana legalization, the Trayvon Martin case, Ron Paul, liberalism, conservatism, and much more. Passionate, informed, and hilarious, Ed Tyll has been a distinct and unforgettable radio personality since his first major talk show in the early 1980s on WPBR, Palm Beach, Florida.

Over the years having hosted shows across the country, from Florida to Los Angeles, to New York City, in March 2003, Tyll was named by Talkers Magazine as one of the "Heavy Hundred," an annual list of the "most important radio talk show hosts in the country." He is a frequent commentator on CNN, ABC News, and Fox News.

Ed Tyll is also a talented, and seasoned stand-up comedian. He can seen performing at clubs and shows across New York, and when on tour, across the nation.

Agree or disagree with his views, Ed Tyll is a genuine, passionate, and unapologetic voice in this country. A rare type of media personality America needs more of.

The Ed Tyll Show can be heard live, and on-demand on

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