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Farid Ghadry
Farid Ghadry
Farid Al-Ghadry, born June 18, 1954, is the Syrian-born co-founder and current (as of 2012) president of the United States-based Reform Party of Syria, a party lobbying for regime change in Syria. | Photo: Walidphares.com | Farid Ghadry, Syria, Reform Party,

The Reform Party of Syria

Mr. Farid N. Ghadry was born in Aleppo, Syria in June of 1954. The family emigrated to Lebanon because of political turmoil and settled in Beirut where Mr. Ghadry attended the Maristes Brothers School (Champville - Deek-el-Mehdi). In 1975 the Ghadry family, once again, emigrated to the US and settled in the suburbs of Washington DC.

Mr. Ghadry graduated from the American University in Washington DC in 1979 with a degree in Finance and Marketing. He worked at EG&G, Intertech, Inc., a subsidiary of EG&G, Inc., a Fortune 500 defense contractor, for two years before starting his own business in 1983 called International TechGroup, Inc. Mr. Ghadry sold his business in 1989 and has been involved in many entrepreneurial operations since.

Mr. Ghadry, because of his father's work in Saudi Arabia, was granted Saudi citizenship. That passport has been revoked since because of his public stand on the issue of democratic reforms in Saudi Arabia during the Iran-Contra in 1987 and in the last several years.

In October of 2001, Mr. Ghadry, along with several American-Syrians, hatched the idea of the Reform Party of Syria. A constitution was written and a constructive and comprehensive program has been put in place to bring regime change to Syria. Today, the party is enjoying tacit support from many organizations and people in the US administration and think tanks in Washington. It is active in lobbying the US Congress and cultivating the media.

Mr. Ghadry and the other co-founders of RPS are hoping to return to Syria one day to rebuild the country on the basis of principles of real economic and political reforms that will usher in democracy, prosperity, freedom of expression, and human rights in addition to lasting peace with open borders with all of Syria's neighboring countries.

Mr. Ghadry is married to Ahlam Ghadry and has four children.

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