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Mustafa Akhwand

Mustafa Akhwand on USCS

Mustafa Akhwand
Mustafa Akhwand
| Photo: | Mustafa Akhwand, Charles Faddis, Shia, Muslim, Arab,

The Shia Human Rights Movement in Saudi Arabia

Shia Rights Watch, S.R.W, was founded in 2011 by long hours of research and endless amount of effort by Mustafa Akhwand. Naturalized in 2008, he is one of few half Iraqi half Iranians who has stayed in touch with his roots in the Middle East and expands his network every chance he gets and that's how his friends define his reasons for success!

Mustafa's interest in Humanitarian Rights grew as he traveled and lived in the countries that have faced constant political, and economical changes and by the time he reached 28, he had worked at Roots, and English online based magazine, Al-Salaam Arabic magazine and Dorood, a Persian bi-weekly magazine.

His move to the United States of America lead to his full time contribution to The Rowzaneh, a weekly show broadcasted on the Persian Satellite Network. Mustafa has an Associate degree in Information Technology from Northern Virginia Community College, and is pursuing a Bachelor degree from George Mason University in Web Development.

After directing Freemuslim Associations Inc., a pioneer in Islamic Nonviolence research Institute, Mustafa founded Shia Rights Watch to research and collect not bias news and to Mustafa this is only possible through an organization well-staffed and caring volunteer base-line in different countries to shed light on Human Rights issues and focus on violations in these regards.

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