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Confronting active shooter situations

Joe and Charles discuss new tactics for confronting active shooter situations in the context of the Newtown Massacre.

Joe Deedon was employed as a Law Enforcement Officer from 2002-2010. He was a tactical operator with a SWAT team from 2005 -2009. Joe is a Kaminsky certified FTO and was assigned to the Patrol Division where he trained newly assigned patrol Deputies. He has also instructed newly hired Officers and Deputies from around the metro area that attend a Regional P.O.S.T. certified Academy in the following areas; Building Searches, RAID, Traffic Stops and Crowd Control. Joe is currently a certified NRA Firearms and Personal Protection instructor as well as a Simunitions Scenario and Range Safety Instructor. In November of 2006 Joe received the Distinguished Service Medal and the Park County Sheriff 's Commendation for his actions during the Platte Canyon High School incident. In May of 2007 Joe received the Medal of Valor for his actions during an officer involved shooting with a barricaded gunman. In May of 2008 Joe received the Distinguished Service Medal for his involvement in a high speed chase with and apprehension of a shooting suspect.

In February of 2010 he responded to the Deer Creek Middle School shooting involving Dr. Benke which would be his second response to an active gunmen. Joe returned from a Mission in Afghanistan in early 2011 where he was an Embedded Police Mentor with the Marine Corp. The experience further enhanced his capabilities, skill sets and TAC*ONE Consulting's operations. Sine 2007 Joe Deedon has instructed several thousand hours of active shooter and tactical training for officers from various law enforcement agencies nationwide.

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