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Tina Dupuy
Tina Dupuy
Frustrated paleontologist, realized syndicated op-ed columnist and editor-in-chief of @ContributorNews | Photo: | Tina Dupuy, Comedian, Author, Politics,

Understanding Gun Control

Award-winning op-ed columnist, commentator and journalist, Tina Dupuy joins the program to discuss the many legal, moral and political implications of gun control. Matt Sky and Tina Dupuy also touch upon Washington gridlock, the fiscal cliff, and talk about her latest work as editor-in-chief of The Contributor.

Tina Dupuy can be seen regularly on Current TV, MSNBC, RT and heard on a number of popular radio shows. Her work appears in publications across the country including The Atlantic, Mother Jones, Newsday, and The Los Angeles Times. Whatever the issue may be, Tina Dupuy provides refreshing, well-informed insights. She is editor-in-chief of The Contributor, an online news organization drawing on a network of blogs, media professionals, and citizen journalists to build a comprehensive, meaningful conversation about the latest in current events, politics, national and local news.

An excerpt from "Gays, In Fact, Saved Marriage"
When it comes to marriage, I'm no romantic. (Just ask my husband.)

My generation of women doesn't have to be married. Our mothers fought for this choice. In the 19th century doctors would prescribe different (think more painful and degrading) treatment for unmarried women with the same illnesses as their married counterparts. The laws were different for single women; their standing in the community was lower, their prospects fewer. Basically, you were either married, living with your parents or considered a prostitute.

The fight for gender equality now means daughters of the Baby Boomers have the option of being single (if they want) and having the same social/legal/moral standing as one who marries.

Any plea for "traditional marriage" glazes over the plural marriages in the Bible and idealizes the McCall's magazine advertisements of the 1950s. In the real 1950s you could not, in the eyes of the law, rape your wife. Women were akin to children, only there were laws protecting children from abuse by the man of the house.

Yes, feminism and women's liberation, as promised, allowed women to forgo marriage (or not). It's feminism and women's liberation that should get all the credit for destroying traditional marriage.

Traditional marriage was limping along way before anyone thought of mass-producing cake toppers with two grooms.

The first cut was women's suffrage. The near thousandth was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

Yes, traditional marriage is dead.

So naturally, marriage numbers are down for my generation. Wives used to be considered property. Who would want to enter a union with slavery undertones? Only 51 percent of American adults as of 2011 (down 5 percent), according to the Pew Research Center are married.


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