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Kavita Krishnan

Kavita Krishnan on USCS

All India Progressive Women's Association

Charles discusses the status of women rights and human rights in India with Kavita Krishnan, the Secretary of the All India Progressive Women's Association, also known as the AIPWA.

AIPWA Struggles
* Against all kinds of violence on women

* For changes in sexual violence laws, to recognise and punish rape within marriage, rape using objects, gang-rape, sexual violence directed against women from dalit and backward communities, religious minorities, and on the basis of race and ethnicity; rape by police forces and Army

* Against sex-selective abortions

* Against 'honour' crimes and killings, against diktats by khap panchayats and moral policing in the name of religion or culture, to uphold women's unqualified right to take independent decisions about their own lives, including relationships, marriage, education, work, clothes or lifestyle

* Against sexual harassment at the workplace, demanding committees to enquire into complaints against sexual harassment at all workplaces ' be they government or private sector, unorganised sector or universities

* Against the patriarchal habit of blaming women's clothes or behaviour for sexual violence

* For women's equal right to property, wages, and freedoms

* Against gender discrimination and gendered social roles both at home and in the workplace

* For women's rights to education, health, nutrition ' against the Government's withdrawal of subsidies to these areas and against privatisation

* Against neoliberal policies that have resulted in greater exploitation and insecurity of women workers

* Against patriarchal and sexist culture that demeans women ' including both orthodox and oppressive traditions as well as commercialisation and commodification of women's bodies and sexuality

* Against the social stigma and violence faced by sex workers; for an end to trafficking; for protection of sex workers from exploitation and violence; social services for sex workers and their dependants; as well as provision of secure, dignified and remunerative employment for women, so that women are not forced to opt for sex work due to poverty and unemployment

* For 33% reservation for women in Parliament and Assemblies

* To resist patriarchal political culture in all its manifestations: including low representation of women in elections and elected bodies; the 'panchayat pati' syndrome; and sexist abuse of women in politics; and against patriarchal pronouncements by political leaders

* For democratisation of the women's commissions in States and the Centre, to ensure that they are functional, and headed and constituted by women's movement activists rather than political appointees.

* Against criminalisation of homosexuality under Section 377; for rights, dignity, and protection for homosexuals, hijras, transsexuals and sexual minorities

* For the rights and dignity of physically and mentally challenged women

* In support of women's struggles against corporate land grab, nuclear power projects, against slum eviction, for civic amenities, and other people's movements

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