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Ed Koch Remembered

Neil Barsky on Sky vs Sky

Neil Barsky's film captures the iconic New York City Mayor

Matt Sky interviews Neil Barsky, director of "Koch" - an insightful, fascinating new film about New York City's former eccentric, controversial, and beloved mayor.
Sky and Barsky discuss Koch's political career over the years, his struggles, his triumphs, his sharp-witted personality, and how people will remember him. Ed Koch passed away, just as the movie was released on Feb 1st, 2013.

Neil Barsky gained incredible access to the mayor, and his personal life, giving us an amazingly intimate look at one of America's most unique, and influential politicians. The film can be seen in theaters across the country. To find a showing near you, visit

The movie has been widely praised as entertaining, balanced and insightful. Hendrik Hertzberg of the New Yorker reviewed the film as "Skillfully directed and assembled...a very good movie'vivid, touching, and fair."

A.O. Scott of The NY Times says, "Mr. Koch...remains as contentious, as mischievous and at times as inflammatory as ever....A portrait of a complicated man in an era that is quickly fading in memory....Like Walt Whitman, another hard-to-classify embodiment of the spirit of New York, [Koch] is contradictory and multitudinous....He is charming, infuriating and sometimes coy....He can be exhausting...but he has never been boring."

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