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Khalid Saleh

Khalid Saleh

Khalid Saleh
Khalid Saleh
Khalid Saleh, director of the media office for the Western-backed Syrian National Coalition. | Photo: Karim Jaafar | Khalid Saleh, Syria, Media Director, Syrian Coalition,

Media Director Syrian Coalition

Khalid Saleh is a founding member of the Syrian National Council and member of the Executive Office. He is also the head of the Media offices of the Syrian National Council and the Syrian Coalition.

Additionally, Khalid gives regular lectures at various public and private functions and in various institutions as well as regular appearances in the media advocating for the success of the Syrian revolution.

The Syrian National Council
The SNC is committed to achieving its objectives within the following basic principles: Working to overthrow the regime using all legal means. Affirming national unity among all components of Syrian society (e.g., Arabs and Kurds, as well as ethnic, religious, and sectarian groups) and rejecting all calls for ethnic strife. Safeguarding the non-violent character of the Syrian Revolution. Protecting national independence and sovereignty, and rejecting foreign military intervention.

Related news:
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday announced $60 million in additional aid to the Syrian opposition and also for the first time an unspecified amount of non-lethal aid to some of its military forces.

The announcement came in Rome where Kerry attended a meeting with the Syrian opposition leaders and officials from dozens of countries supporting them.

Kerry said the $60 million will enable the opposition to provide services in areas it controls and help build its local support. Militant groups have filled that role in some areas, raising concerns in the West.

The military aid ' combat rations and medical supplies ' will be the first provided by the United States directly to the opposition military council.

Kerry said the international community is committed to working with the Syrian opposition "with peace as a first resort."

"They are the legitimate voice of the Syrian people. And that stands in very stark contrast to the rule of Bashar al-Assad, who long ago lost his legitimacy and who is out of time and who must be out of power," said Kerry.

The Syrian opposition wants weapons, and was hoping for at least equipment like body armor and armored vehicles. The United States is concerned about any supplies being passed to the militants, who have many of the most effective fighting units.

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