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Ian Wilkie
Ian Wilkie
Ian Wilkie is an American risk and security expert living outside Washington, DC. He was raised in Europe, is an international lawyer and served in the US Army in various locations overseas. | Photo: | Ian Wilkie, Al Qaida, Wmd, Nuclear, Biological, Syria,

American risk and security expert

Ian Wilkie is an American lawyer and terrorism expert living outside Washington, DC. Wilkie has lived overseas for most of his life and speaks multiple foreign languages. His first contact with terrorists came when the Red Brigades threatened a sibling with kidnapping. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army (Infantry), completed French Foreign Legion commando training and graduated from Vassar College and Tulane Law School. Always fascinated by military strategy and tactics, Wilkie has worked in the fields of international law and security since 9/11 nearly killed his sister who worked in the North Tower of the World Trade Center. He has compiled one of the largest open-source databases in existence on Al Qaeda Central and its WMD plans and capabilities which is maintained by the Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium on TrackingTerrorism.org.

Wilkie lived in South Asia post-9/11 where he conducted research for public and private organizations and was a consultant and advisor to two U.S. government agencies. He has also worked for two of the three largest law firms in the world and has served as general counsel to private military and security companies. Wilkie possesses a deep knowledge of Al Qaeda strategy and is currently writing a book about the potential use of WMD by terrorists entitled "Checkmate: Al Qaeda's Endgame."

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