FBI Reboots Ricin Case

Paul Kevin Curtis
Paul Kevin Curtis
Paul Kevin Curtis, a Mississippi-based Elvis impersonator originally charged in connection with mailing ricin to lawmakers, because an "ongoing investigation has revealed new information," a federal official said in a court filing April 2013. | Photo: Associated Press | Paul Kevin Curtis, Elvis, Impersonator, Ricin,

The ongoing investigation has revealed new information

A day after investigators expressed confidence that they had the right man, FBI agents were searching another man's house in search of evidence to find out who sent ricin-spiked letters to President Obama, a U.S. senator and a local judge.

Earlier a federal magistrate ordered charges dropped against Paul Kevin Curtis, a Mississippi Elvis impersonator accused of sending the letters.

FBI agents had failed to find any presence of ricin or evidence that Curtis had been preparing it in his house, according to the Associated Press.

On Tuesday FBI agents started searching the house of another Tupelo man, James Everette Dutschke, in connection with the case. Dutschke told the AP he was innocent and knew nothing about making ricin.

The magistrate ordered the charges dropped because "the ongoing investigation has revealed new information,"the A.P. reported. The charges were dropped without prejudice, meaning they could be lodged again in the future.

Curtis' history of mental illness, bipolar disorder, was also discussed at a hearing yesterday.

FBI Special Agent Brandon Grant had asserted that it "helps establish a potential behavior background for Mr. Curtis, perhaps not realizing what he's doing," according to the Associated Press.

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