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Miles Copeland, Jr.

Miles Copeland Jr., on BBC

Miles Copeland Jr.
Miles Copeland Jr.
Miles Axe Copeland, Jr. (July 16, 1916 - January 14, 1991) was an American musician, businessman, and CIA officer who was closely involved in major foreign-policy operations from the 1950s to the 1980s. He was married to archaeologist Lorraine Copeland (Adie) and was the father of record producer Miles, Ian, and Stewart. | Photo: BBC, Aaron Stipkovich | Miles Copeland Jr., Cia, Author,

The origins of US involvement in Syria. Exclusive 1969 video

Miles Copeland, Jr. responds to BBC's suggestion that the CIA/OSS was plotting to overthrow the Syrian government without the State Department knowing or approving.

"The State Department didn't want to know," Copeland continues, " was handed to us that we best shut up about what was happening in [Syria]." Furthermore, Miles confirms that he coordinated the coup in Syria.

"I'm simply describing how things are done [in the U.S. Government]" he sais to Keith, "it is true, we would have long discussions about how our government does not interfere in internal affairs of sovereign governments. We meant that from the bottom of our hearts. Then we'd say, this is one case where we have to. Then we'd try to decide how to do what[ever] it was we said was against our policy."

(---More in the video interview.)

Miles Axe Copeland, Jr. (a.k.a. The Preacher) was an American Musician, Businessman, and CIA Officer who was closely involved in major foreign-policy operations from the 1950s to the 1980s.

He was married to archaeologist Lorraine Copeland (n?e Adie) and was the father of record producer Miles Copeland III, booking agent Ian Copeland, writer/film producer Lorraine (Lennie) Copeland and Stewart Copeland, best known as the drummer for The Police.

Copeland was born in Birmingham, Alabama, the son of a doctor. He did not graduate from college. He became a trumpet player with bandleaders such as Erskine Hawkins, Charlie Barnet, Ray Noble, and Glenn Miller.

He began his career as a spy after he joined the Army in 1940 and was assigned to the Office of Strategic Services, forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Miles Copeland, Jr. was a Political Consultant on the Middle East, Writer and One-Time Spy.

  • Born: July 16, 1916 in Birmingham, Alabama, The United States.
  • Died: January 14, 1991 at Paddocks Hospital in Oxford-shire, England.

Favorite Quotations
"I respect and like each of these men as individuals but I disagree with the political views of each of them openly and strongly so much that none of them can suspect me of political cooperation with any other."

Miles Copeland, Jr. served in the counterespionage branch of the O.S.S. and then joined the C.I.A. when that agency was founded after World War II. He worked primarily in the Middle East and from 1947 to 1950 was a political attache at the United States Embassy in Damascus, Syria.

After working in several Foreign Service posts, he left the Government in 1957 to form a Washington consulting firm. Friend of Mideast Leaders.
Favorite Books

The Game Of Nations "Published May 15th 1970 by Simon & Schuster"

The Real Spy World "Published 1974 by Weidenfeld and Nicolson"

Miles Copeland
Miles Copeland

On May 2, 1944 Miles was born in London, England, to Miles Axe Copeland, Jr., the founder of the CIA, and Scottish Lorraine Adie, who was in British intelligence. Due to Miles Jr.'s profession, the family moved throughout the Middle East, in particular Syria, Egypt and Lebanon. He is now an American Entertainment executive and music icon. | Photo: Aaron Stipkovich |
Without Cloak Or Dagger: The truth about the new espionage "Published August 9th 1974 by Simon & Schuster" Although published in 1974, it's still the best book on humtel (human intelligence). Covers everything: Recruitment, Training, Case Officers, Desk Officers, Security Officers, Cutouts, Analysts, The Difference Between Intelligence Officers And Spies, Dummy Corporations, Front Organizations, The Use of Journalists and Academics, Difference Between Intelligence and Espionage (and Counter-Intelligence and Counter-Espionage), The Difference Between Intelligence Gathering and Law Enforcement (and why their goals often conflict), Organizational Structures of Intelligence Agencies, Career Path of a Typical CIA Employee, Brief History of The OSS and CIA.

Beyond Cloak And Dagger: inside the CIA "Published 1975 by Pinnacle Books" This is the book the CIA didn't get to read in advance... It tells you all you always wanted to know about spying but didn't know who to ask - New York Times.

The Game Player: The confessions of the CIA's original political operative "Published June 5th 1989 by Aurum Press"

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