Snowden: Snowed or Naive?

Carney Snowden
Carney Snowden
Are we the only one's who saw this similarity? James "Jay" Carney, born May 22, 1965 is President Barack Obama's second White House Press Secretary. Edward Joseph Snowden (born 1983) is a whistleblower and former United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee who worked as a contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA). | Photo: Aaron Stipkovich | Link | Carney Snowden, Jay Carney, Edward Snowden, Nsa, Cia, Whistleblower,

Julian Assange called, he wants his attention back.

Remember Jim Garrison? I know, parodied by the compliant press way back when, 1968 to be exact. Well, suffice to say that his singular attempt to see that "justice be done or the Heavens fall" went nowhere a mere five years after JFK was 'removed' by a budding national security state's stunning incompetence (if not outright complicity: see 'Hit List', and other notable research tomes now competing with 'Atlantis' for most published topic ever).

Seriously, did this kid not hear about that criminal act and the success of its perps to escape justice no matter the cost? Heaven (that same entity/place which did not fall, despite Mr. Garrison's best efforts, deterred as they were by a certain national security state) forbid that his generation actually know its history!

Hence, a primer for all those (especially of Snowden's generation) who missed it while donning Walkmen headphones during that quaint course in American history:

1/ Huey Long, the assassinated Governor of Louisiana (and real threat to FDR's election prospects...hmmm) preceded Garrison's warning, very publicly: "Fascism will come to America in the name of anti-fascism."

2/ He was murdered, publicly...sound familiar? By some 'lone gunman' are you picking up what I'm putting down?

3/ We, the people, have ceased to govern ourselves long before Mr. Snowden was delivered into our midst, his cries then, and now, decidedly useless and, well, non-specific; fact is that not long after FDR's burial, Mr. Truman, a true patriot mind you, gave us the National Security Act and its sequelae, including the very CIA and its ilk that was so....preoccupied....whilst our youngest President was effectively decapitated when I was 17 years old. Was I miffed, even angry in later years, as time and study allowed me to fully grasp what---and, more importantly, how----had happened in 1963? You bet; did I ever contemplate, should I have had his access (more sloth by the NSA, a.k.a. 'outsourcing')? Absolutely not. Why, you may ask? Don't I love my country?

The answer is to be found in the preceding paragraphs: it's too late.

How is that, since I've emphasized 'how' above 'why'? Glad you asked.

You see, we have a government which is best described by the words of that fellow Long (whose son, as Senator, once quipped about Oswald being the lone shooter: 'Got Maggie's Drawers, worst kinda slang for marksmanship...that dog won't hunt'): one word, actually: fascism, defined as the efficient (for business, mostly) melding of business into government's classic public policy roles---the trains, if we had any, run on time, that sort of deal.

Don't believe it? Google 'Citizens United', that Supreme Court decision which supremely confounds any notion of 'we the people', a mere Preamble to that Constitution thingy.

Further research: a Department of Justice which refuses to prosecute any of the fat cats who blithely, in 'doing God's work' (see: Lloyd 'Letemeatcake' Blankfein), bequeathed us an economy last seen when old Huey Long and FDR were in their prime. It's now called 'too big to jail'. Nice.

So, you see, Mr. Snowden claims to be all mortified that his government, the one described factually in the last few sentences---has engaged in unlawful, nay, immoral acts. I guess he also missed 'Casablanca', and that's a pity, for he best reprises the role of Louie the Prefect, both 'shocked, shocked that' dissembling is going on in here, our Cafe Americain casino, this side of that gamblers paradise, where the right venality could get one to America----you know, that freedom-loving bastion of democracy you and I and, yes, Mr. Snowden's ancestors once knew.

Bang the funerary drum slowly, and weep to the tune of the dirge.

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