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Michael Evans
Michael Evans
From America' where they believe our Republic is in danger of collapsing into totalitarian rule. | Photo: Aaron Stipkovich | Michael Evans, Conservative, Republican,

Immigration perspective interview with Americas Voice Now

America's Voice is a community of users who believe our Republic is in danger of collapsing into totalitarian rule. We stand for a change in the very fabric of our nation, society and government by first calling for smaller government. The federal government has very limited and enumerated powers granted in the Constitution. We believe the federal government should exist within this list and all others are left to the states under the 10th Amendment or the people.
All powers not vested in the three branches of government are relegated to the several States, and the people, who may exercise numerous powers not listed above although the particulars vary from one state to the next depending on the state constitution. Under our Republic system of government, the federal government cannot execute any non-enumerated power , no matter how desirable, unless that specific power in question is first granted to the Federal Government through the Constitutional Amendment process as outlined in Article V. To do so without a constitutional amendment is usurpation.

We stand for microscopic federal government, miniature state government and the principles of free markets and self regulation for the people. We believe the Constitution is the declared law of the land and any migration from it is a usurpation of power. We believe the people own the country and are the masters of government, not the other way around. We stand for Integrity, Honesty, Self-Reliance, Self-Defense, and most importantly' No Compromise on our foundational principles .

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