Beyonce Heat

Beyonce Heat

Beyonce Heat: The banned version

Beyonce promoting one of her fragrances. Some of her advertisements have been deemed too provocative and the subject of controversy. Beyonce 1, media 0. | Photo: | Beyonce, Fragrance, Perfume, Heat, Controversy, Red,

Steamy perfume video advert banned in UK

A perfume commercial featuring Beyonce has been banned from daytime TV in the UK because of concerns over its sexual imagery. In the UK... Really? Has anyone seen the UK tabloids or magazine covers in the last decade? How on earth is this ad more provocative or inappropriate than the routine, scandalous, nude, and sometimes obscene photos that run in the UK rag"s almost daily?

The commercial, which begins with an image of Beyonce lying naked in a room, has been deemed "too sexually provocative" to be seen by young children and will not be shown on British TV before 7:30 pm.

Manufacturers of the perfume claimed the commercial was "in tune" with her "sexy chic" imagery and not in any way indecent. It argued that the imagery was less overtly sexual than what is routinely seen in music videos, particularly those featuring U.S. rappers and bikini-clad girls."

Furthermore, Beyonce displayed class, taste and poise as she always does.

Watch the ad above. Do you find it indecent?

The manufacturer, Coty UK, claimed "the ad was stylized in keeping with other ads in the genre, and not overtly graphic or explicitly sexual. At at no point was Beyonce naked," they added. A spokesman said:
The ad was intended to reflect the singer Beyonce's personal sexy chic" style. It was aimed at a vast selection of music programs to target a young adult audience. It would therefore be consistent with the expectations of viewers of those sorts of programmes.

It has been routinely reported that Beyonce's move into fragrances, fashion design and other commercial endeavors have made her the second most successful celebrity woman in the U.S. in terms of earning power. Earnings in the previous year have been estimated at $89 million, putting her second only to Oprah Winfrey.

Beyonce has been classy, smart, sexy, talented and a savvy businesswoman to date. Clearly this move is no less strategic. Any "negative" hype that the ad is too sexually provocative will likely boost her earning potential with the product.

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