The Zimmerman Verdict

It's time for America to wake up.

The verdict came in late Saturday: Not Guilty. By Saturday night, there were riots in Oakland, California, mainly involving vandalism and property destruction...though in fairness, a town that is known to riot when their team wins, and then to riot again when their team loses, and then might just riot again when their team isn't even playing, probably isn't the best town to measure by.

All politics aside, the acquittal makes sense. The prosecution had a weak case going in, which is why George Zimmerman wasn't charged until the race-baiters and the media got involved and made it a major political issue. According to Bill Lee, who was the Police Chief in Sanford at the time of the shooting, the authorities in Sanford made their initial decision to not charge Zimmerman because his statements lined up with the physical evidence at the scene. Zimmerman, of course, was under no obligation to give any statement at all (the right to remain silent, and all of that), and yet he gave multiple statements to authorities. Even after all of that, the local police didn't feel that it was worth charging Zimmerman.

Make no mistake: this was a trial brought on wholly and entirely by politics. It was a clear case of self-defense, albeit marred a bit by some poor decision-making, right up until Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and President Obama himself all got involved. "If I had a son," President Obama irresponsibly stated, "he'd look like Trayvon." I've often wondered how willing the president would be to stand by those words if the major media outlets had been doing their jobs and reporting on the whole story, rather than the sainted caricature of Martin that they so eagerly perpetuated: that Trayvon Martin was just another punk kid, an African-American teenager over-influenced by the gangsta culture, a 17-year-old, 6'2" football player with a pot habit. Given the reality of who Trayvon Martin really was, it makes one wonder how committed our president truly was to those words...or if, had the community-organizer-in-chief had a son, he'd look like the real Trayvon, rather than the caricature.

Now that the verdict is in, the big news is that the leftist race-baiters are pushing for the Department of Justice to bring federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman. It doesn't matter at all that the FBI already looked into the case and found that race played no part.

But that didn't - and never will - come close to stopping the likes of Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. The race profiteers don't care about the evidence. The facts don't matter. Despite the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., the race pimps will always judge others by the color of their skin, and ignore the content of their character.

After all, who is George Zimmerman? Is he really the racist monster they would have us believe? According to the evidence in the case, Zimmerman was being a good neighbor, trying to stop the next in what had been a string of burglaries in his neighborhood. He took some flak for carrying his licensed firearm with a round in the chamber, and yet that is the standard way to carry a gun - even the Kel-Tec website (Zimmerman carried a Kel-Tec PF-9) shows the pistol's capacity to be 7+1, meaning 7 rounds in the magazine, and one in the chamber. There was nothing significant in how Zimmerman was carrying. He cared enough about his neighborhood to be on the lookout for suspicious activity, and when he saw it, he didn't just let it go.

The main thing about George Zimmerman's trial is this: if George Zimmerman's accounting of events is correct - and Zimmerman's account was backed up by the physical evidence found by officers at the scene - then yes, he might have been a bit overzealous in his pursuit of Trayvon Martin. But that in no way excuses Martin for attempting to kill Zimmerman after he had turned to walk back to his vehicle. And even if Zimmerman's account isn't wholly accurate, the only witness on the scene testified to seeing Trayvon Martin on top of George Zimmerman, pounding his head into the concrete. The assumption by the race-baiters seems to be that Trayvon would have been entirely justified for beating Zimmerman to death because Zimmerman was guilty of the heinous crime of following a suspicious-acting young man through a neighborhood that had experienced multiple burglaries, several committed by young black men.

The bottom line is this: as horribly tragic as this case may be, the real tragedy lies in the fact that those who stand to profit from accusations of racism have succeeded in dividing our nation against itself along racial lines. George Zimmerman is the newest member of the Duke Lacrosse team: facts don't matter, evidence doesn't matter...all that matters is that a perceived "white" man killed an African-American youth. It doesn't even matter that Zimmerman himself publicly criticized Sanford police for not going after the white son of a Sanford police officer who was filmed beating a homeless African-American. He fits the race profiteers' profile, and therefore must be condemned.

There is no real evidence that George Zimmerman is a racist, as so many of the race pimps would have America believe. Not that it matters to them, or to their followers, who are apparently quite abundant (as evidenced by massive protests in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco over the weekend). The only real evidence in existence supporting the narrative that Zimmerman is the 911 tape as deceptively edited by NBC. All of the allegations of racism are based on lies and misinformation.

What happened in Florida that night was a tragedy, but it was by no means what so many in America are making it out to be. It is tragic that this situation, which likely could have been resolved by a short conversation between Zimmerman and Martin, blew up and resulted in a young man's death. But by no means is it evidence of some great racial injustice. The Not Guilty verdict was not a miscarriage of justice ' at no point before, during, or after the trial was there sufficient evidence to prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt. This is why George Zimmerman was not initially charged with a crime, and it is why the jury brought back a verdict of Not Guilty.

If there is any larger message about race relations in America here, it is that the struggle to improve race relations in America is being hindered by the mainstream media and men like Al Sharpton, who profit from getting people stirred up over allegations of racism ' real or imagined. Somewhere around 93 percent of murders of African-Americans are perpetrated by other African-Americans. Where is the outrage? Where are the protests? Facing the reality of what welfare dependence and the gangsta culture have done to America's black community just isn't profitable for the race-baiters. It isn't a good enough news story for the mainstream media to report on while America becomes ever more polarized focusing on issues that aren't really issues, nothing is ever done about the true problems.

And that is the real tragedy.

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